A Fabulous February Firefox — 86!

A Fabulous February Firefox — 86!

This blog post provides merely a set of highlights; for all the details, check out the following:

Looking into the near distance, we can see the end of February loitering on the horizon, threatening to give way to March at any moment. To keep you engaged until then, we’d like to introduce you to Firefox 86. The new version features some interesting and fun new goodies including support for the Intl.DisplayNames object, the :autofill pseudo-class, and a much better <iframe> inspection feature in DevTools.


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Coming through with Firefox 82 – Mozilla Hacks

We are pushing Firefox 82 out the door, with enabled support for the Media Session API, new CSS pseudo-selector behaviours and closed security loopholes.

January brings us Firefox 85

To wrap up January, we are proud to bring you the release of Firefox 85. In this version we are bringing you support for the :focus-visible pseudo-class in CSS and associated devtools, <link rel="preload">, and the complete removal of Flash support from Firefox.

Creating Firefox browser extensions-19

In this part, we will create a new addon called Delete Last Download. This addon shows the last downloaded item, and lets you open or delete it. If the user presses delete, the file is removed from disk and from the browser’s downloads history.

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And now for … Firefox 84

As December ushers in the final curtain for this rather eventful year, there is time left for one more Firefox version to be given its wings.