Jlink.online: Build Optimized Java Runtimes in Your Browser

jlink.online is a HTTP microservice that builds optimized/minimized Java runtimes on the fly.

This project is currently experimental and subject to change at any time.


This project is a wrapper for Java's jlink utility that makes it faster and easier to build custom Java runtimes for an application. Just send a HTTP request and jlink.online fetches the appropriate JDK (from AdoptOpenJDK), runs jlink to produce a custom runtime image containing your dependencies, then returns that compressed runtime in the response.

Using an optimized runtime is a good idea when deploying to a production environment or when bundling a platform-specific runtime to distribute with your application. For many applications, a jlink'd runtime will be significantly smaller in size.

Usage Examples

The following examples can be run interactively from the Swagger documentation.

Download a minimized Java 11 runtime for Linux x64 (containing java.base only)


Download a minimized Java 11 runtime for Linux x64 (containing java.desktop and jdk.zipfs)


Download a minimized runtime in a Dockerfile

# If you do 'FROM openjdk' then you'll get a full runtime
FROM alpine:latest

# Install dependencies
RUN apk add curl

# Install custom runtime
RUN curl -G 'https://jlink.online/runtime/x64/linux/11.0.8+10' \
    -d modules=java.base \
    | tar zxf -

# Install application
# ...

Upload your application's module-info.java (experimental)

Suppose your application has the following module definition:

module com.github.example {
    requires org.slf4j;

Then to build a custom runtime containing your dependencies, you can send a POST request containing your module-info.java:

curl --data-binary @com.github.example/src/main/java/module-info.java \
  'https://jlink.online/runtime/x64/linux/11.0.8+10?artifacts=org.slf4j:slf4j-api:2.0.0-alpha1' \
  --output app_runtime.tar.gz

The artifacts parameter is a comma-separated list of the Maven Central coordinates of your dependencies. This is required to know what versions to include in your runtime. In the future, we may be able to get this information from a build.gradle or pom.xml which would be much more convenient.

Unfortunately this can't work for dependencies that are automatic modules (because automatic modules don't specify their dependencies).


Thanks to the following projects:

  • gin - for handling HTTP requests
  • jlink - for minimizing runtime images
  • testify - for unit testing

Download Details:
Author: cilki
Source Code: https://github.com/cilki/jlink.online
License: Apache-2.0 license

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Jlink.online: Build Optimized Java Runtimes in Your Browser
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How to Install OpenJDK 11 on CentOS 8

What is OpenJDK?

OpenJDk or Open Java Development Kit is a free, open-source framework of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (or Java SE). It contains the virtual machine, the Java Class Library, and the Java compiler. The difference between the Oracle OpenJDK and Oracle JDK is that OpenJDK is a source code reference point for the open-source model. Simultaneously, the Oracle JDK is a continuation or advanced model of the OpenJDK, which is not open source and requires a license to use.

In this article, we will be installing OpenJDK on Centos 8.

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Samanta Moore


Going Beyond Java 8: Local Variable Type Inference (var) - DZone Java

According to some surveys, such as JetBrains’s great survey, Java 8 is currently the most used version of Java, despite being a 2014 release.

What you are reading is one in a series of articles titled ‘Going beyond Java 8,’ inspired by the contents of my book, Java for Aliens. These articles will guide you step-by-step through the most important features introduced to the language, starting from version 9. The aim is to make you aware of how important it is to move forward from Java 8, explaining the enormous advantages that the latest versions of the language offer.

In this article, we will talk about the most important new feature introduced with Java 10. Officially called local variable type inference, this feature is better known as the **introduction of the word **var. Despite the complicated name, it is actually quite a simple feature to use. However, some observations need to be made before we can see the impact that the introduction of the word var has on other pre-existing characteristics.

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Java Free Online Course with Certification [2021]

The PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index maintains that Java is the second most popular programming language in the world, after Python.

Although the programming world is fast-evolving, Java has remained a constant in the programming and software development world ever since its inception. It has evolved and upgraded continually to keep pace with the changing software development needs.

What is Java?

Why Learn Java?

Learn Java Online: The upGrad advantage

How to Start

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Ananya Gupta


Java Online Certifications Courses To Level Up Your Career In 2020

JAVA is a programming language. Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Java can be used for a large number of things, including software development, mobile applications, and large systems development.
Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 as:

  1. Boost the Confidence: The Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 is to boost the confidence. Java Online Certifications Courses is helps to feel good to earn the credential. It is the best way to show the talent and boost the confidence level. It arranges better offers, perceive ability and have motivations.

  2. Highly recognised Certification: The Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 is highly recognised certification. Java Online Certifications Courses is the top of the majority recognised certification in IT industry. It is the way to designed align in real world that specialise in areas that are relevant in career goals.

3.Hiring Preference: The Benefits Offered by Java Programming Training is hiring preference. Java Online Certifications Courses is the main preference for government agencies and consultancy companies. The beginners improve chance to get hired in these companies.

  1. Better Salary: The Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 is provide better salary. Java Online Certifications Courses is get better and higher salary at the workplace. It helps the person to support the career growth and brings the value in the organisation.

  2. Exclusive and Great Community: The Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 is having exclusive and great community. Community is the greatest quality of Java. This network is useful to progress in the career. It is loads of open source, dynamic gatherings and Java client.

  3. Address the knowledge and skills Gap: The Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 is to address the knowledge and skill gap. Java Online Certifications Courses is help to brush up the skills and knowledge. It also helps to round out the skill set. It teaches you more new concepts and new knowledge.

  4. Get benefit to non- certified professionals: The Java Online Certifications Courses to level up your career in 2020 is to get benefit to non- certified professionals. Java Online Certifications Courses is benefit to hiring advantages non- certified professionals from the unemployment crowd. It is having an extremely high value in validating skills and expertise.

Java Online Course is required the basic knowledge of HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Web applications development, dealing with systems of Git versions control, agile methodologies and principles.

Java Online Course provides core and advanced java training in association with oracle. Today JAVA not only dominates the internet, but also in the strong force behind many applications around the world. Java Online Course starts from basics and covers all the advanced stuff like design rules best practices for writing well-designed Java programs.

Java Online Course is help to upgrade the soft and technical skills. Java Online Course enhance the hands on experience on real time java projects and helps to enhance the skills as problem solving skills, time management skills, analytical skills, etc. Java Online Course help to learn create and edit the files in text editor.

The companies using Java are IBM, Dell, HCL, Infosys, Suven Consultants, Steria, Google, Accenture, Genpact, etc.

The job opportunities in Java are Java Web Developer, Java Video Game Programmer, Java Developer, Programmer, Web Application Developer, Software Developer, Technical Writer, Java Webmaster, Java EE Application Engineer, Java Spring Developer and many more.

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Ananya Gupta


Best Ways To Improve Skills In Java and Python Programming

Improving their programming skill is the concern of every JAVA or Python programmer and developer. It is often seen that a better programmer is generally a better developer. Before intruding on the development domain, it is better that you focus on your programming skills. Make your essential core skills, such as Coding, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Science Concepts, etc., the best you can before expanding your reach out to the development domain.

Main Focus Targets for Improvement

Brush Up Basics through Books: Basics of the programming languages are the building blocks you use for creating impressive programs and projects. They need to be as firm as possible at all times. They are also excellent sources to be referred for concepts that you may not be sure about. Most books are written by coders who define their own experiences in the books or join best online java training program. These experiences can give you a brand new outlook on certain coding concepts.

Learning Java 8: It is one of the essential skills needed for any JAVA developer. Though one can argue that many latter versions of JAVA are available now, but JAVA 8 is still the best one to train you in your core concepts before you dabble in advanced versions. There are many JAVA coders who, although experts in the basics, can’t still advance in the development field. This is due to them not being clear about the programming practical basics. This can be corrected through extensive coding through JAVA 8 to clear and solidify their concepts. JAVA Skills are now essential in all development jobs and interviews.

Learning Spring Framework: Spring Framework is just as much in demand today as JAVA and Python. It is imperative to add this skill to your repertoire. This is due to the fact the many companies today prefer that the development is done using various Spring frameworks, such as Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud (When concerned with Web Application). It also helps with the promotion of concepts like Dependency Injection and helps ion the development of testable software. It is necessary for the modern-day software.

Learning Unit Testing: A good and professional code and software developer is obligated to create unit tests for their code. Their code and the unit tests devised to test them act as the true measure of their coding prowess. Today’s coding scenario is much different from earlier. There are several tools available for code and software developers today for help with unit testing, integration testing, and automation testing.

Take-up Lot of Coding Projects: They say practice makes you perfect. That is especially true for the coding world. No amount of theory will make you prepared for challenges the way coding does. Coding gives you exposure to practical problems that crop up in coding tasks. Through repeated coding, you refine your practical coding style, designs, error handling techniques, threading, and take them to their best extent you can. Rather than simply learning to code, you learn to compare outputs even before they occur.

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