RELEASE: XLibSharp 0.0.1-ALPHA OUT!!!!

RELEASE: XLibSharp 0.0.1-ALPHA OUT!!!!

I would like to show how do you write simple XLib/X11 Apps from C# - Sorry for some invalid methods or non existing contexts. I promise you that I will release next version. Okay. Please forgive me! I am working hard. Because I tried to find in public methods. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

I have published initial release of XLibSharp but it is still Alpha version. Sorry for inconvenience about non existing methods or more important context of XLib-Frameworks.

I hope you understand me.

If you download from my Patrean-account than you can do that.

It works only Mono 4.5 / NetFx 4.5 - No Dotnet ( I will release later )

Now you can change "MainClass" to "HelloWorld"

And you can write code:

private XDisplay display; 
private XWindow window;
private XEvent xev;
private string display_name;

public HelloWorld() { xev = new XEvent(); }

Than you should create void method:

 private void Run()


Than you need to write behind in method Run()

 Console.WriteLine("Hello World, Load XLibSharp.\n");
 display_name = GetEnvironmentVariable("DISPLAY");

Console.WriteLine(display_name); display = XOpenDisplay(display_name); if (display == NULL) {     Console.Out.WriteLine("Error: Couldn't open display!\n");     Exit(1); }

Than you will create window:

     window = XCreateSimpleWindow(display,
     XRootWindow(display, XDefaultScreen(display)),
     new XRectangle(100, 100, 200, 200), 5, 0ul, XColor.OrangeRed);

    if (window == NULL)     {         Console.Out.WriteLine("Error: Failed to open window!\n");         Exit(1);     }     else     {         XStoreName(display, window, "#XLibSharp");         XMapWindow(display, window);         XSelectInput(display, window, EventMask.KeyPressMask |         EventMask.ExposureMask | EventMask.ButtonPressMask);         XFlush(display);     } }

Than you would like to write loop while:

while (true)
    XNextEvent(display, ref xev);
    if (xev.type == XEventName.Expose)
        XFillRectangle(display, new XDrawable(window),
        new XColor(0x222222ul), 20, 20, 160, 160);

    if (xev.type == XEventName.KeyPress)     {         break;     }

    if (xev.type == XEventName.ClientMessage)     {         XDestroyWindow(display, window);         XNoOp(display);         XCloseDisplay(display);         break;     }

    if (xev.type == XEventName.ButtonPress)     {         break;     } }

And you need to write complete in static void Main()

static void Main(string[] args)
    new HelloWorld().Run();

And save it.

If you have problem if it throws error:

 using System;
 using static System.Environment;
 using static XLibSharp.XLib;

namespace XLibSharp_Test {     class HelloWorld     {         /*            XLibSharp Example           /

        private XDisplay display;          private XWindow window;         private XEvent xev;         private string display_name;

        public HelloWorld()         {             xev = new XEvent();         }                  private void Run()         {             Console.WriteLine("Hello World, Load XLibSharp.\n");             display_name = GetEnvironmentVariable("DISPLAY");

            Console.WriteLine(display_name);             display = XOpenDisplay(display_name);             if (display == NULL)             {                 Console.Out.WriteLine("Error: Couldn't open display!\n");                 Exit(1);             }             else             {                 window = XCreateSimpleWindow(display,                 XRootWindow(display, XDefaultScreen(display)),                 new XRectangle(100, 100, 200, 200), 5, 0ul, XColor.OrangeRed);

                if (window == NULL)                 {                     Console.Out.WriteLine("Error: Failed to open window!\n");                     Exit(1);                 }                 else                 {                     XStoreName(display, window, "#XLibSharp");                     XMapWindow(display, window);                     XSelectInput(display, window, EventMask.KeyPressMask |                     EventMask.ExposureMask | EventMask.ButtonPressMask);                     XFlush(display);                 }             }

            while (true)             {                 XNextEvent(display, ref xev);                 if (xev.type == XEventName.Expose)                 {                     XFillRectangle(display, new XDrawable(window),                     new XColor(0x222222ul), 20, 20, 160, 160);                     XFlush(display);                 }

                if (xev.type == XEventName.KeyPress)                 {                     break;                 }

                if (xev.type == XEventName.ClientMessage)                 {                     XDestroyWindow(display, window);                     XNoOp(display);                     XCloseDisplay(display);                     break;                 }

                if (xev.type == XEventName.ButtonPress)                 {                     break;                 }             }         }

        static void Main(string[] args)         {             new HelloWorld().Run();         }     } }

And run it and result is like this:

I hope you understand you have not problem with XLibSharp.

Please remember! Don't write "null" as string because XOpenDisplay crashes as dump critical error.

Please write safe!

Happy coding


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