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Essential Features of Transportation & Logistics Mobile Application!

Are you looking for a transportation and logistics app development company for your business? Would you like to make your clients "happy clients" by providing all updated features in your mobile application?

Well, for that, you need to know the essential features or the modules which should be included in your transportation and logistics mobile application. 

Fortunately, mobile technology can help you with custom mobile application development. You likely have caught wind of such development. However, you may have a few inquiries or questions regarding the advantages and cost of element-rich transportation and logistics applications. In this article, I will make you aware of the essential features of transportation & Logistics in Mobile applications. 

Significance of Transportation and Logistics Apps Development

Those days are left behind when clients think that days will get their transfer while reaching the calculated specialist organizations incidentally. But, in this present age, technically knowledgeable clients are on the hunt for all essential data moving. So, a mobile application development company can do something for the logistics and transportation business in this situation. 

Logistics application advancement Company can assist carriers with incorporating mechanical progressions in their cycle and improve the client's experience by giving ongoing information anyplace and whenever. We should go through different kinds of application answers for your transportation business. 

Types of Apps for Transportation and Logistics Industry

Mobile app development company India can create different sorts of applications for the transportation and logistics domain.  Some of them are: 

Fleet Management 

This application gathers information and shows the ongoing area of vehicles. You can deal with the goods through this one-stop Mobile application development.


On-demand Logistics 

Your customers can utilize your logistics and transportation benefits when they need them because of this application. In addition, it empowers you to enlist orders on an all-day, everyday requirement.


Warehouse Management 

Warehouses play an essential role in overseeing the transportation business. The executive's application is intended to improve the capacity and generally distribution center-related interaction in the warehouse. 


Tracking and Monitoring 

This application empowers you to monitor and track the driver's development and gives you an idea regarding the course. It is helpful to get continuous updates about the area. 

Talking about features, we should see a portion of the must-have modules and components for committed transportation mobile development. 


1. Driver's day by day log 

This feature tracks the driver's whole day activity, including driver data, long periods of work, mileage, pre-examination, post-assessment, and delivery subtleties. Every single detail that is associated with the logistics of conveyance is joined into this feature. Since the driver is needed to approve the assessment of the whole truck, this is a practical method to keep up the uprightness of products and friends' resources. 


2. Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker 

It allows clients to track the vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expense. It likewise can be utilized for the following purposes that are needed for charges. Fuel/gas charges can be added as a component of the cost report.  


3. Driving Route optimization

This is one of the most important activities to keep on tracking the drivers' route. And with the help of a mobile application, you can do it so quickly. 

It does work in a way; for example, Google Maps can give you constant data of the traffic on a specific course or region so you can rapidly take preventive measures and divert your drivers to a less stuck system. 


4. Driver and vehicle tracker

It is essential to track the location of the driver as well as of the vehicle. And with the help of BYOD devices or features, you can easily track the driver's activity or the activity of the vehicle. This is also really helpful in tracking the goods carrier. 

For example, if there is a driver whose vehicle has not reached the maximum load, we can quickly assign him to go there and carry the load. He will get a push notification when he is there at a nearby location.  The driver acknowledges the reception of the task with a click of a button and moves towards the destination, which is now displayed on a map on his smartphone device.


5. Package tracker 

With the help of the package tracker, you can record the carrier information, tracking, and the information of the person to whom the package is to deliver. The driver can manually upload the whole information of the package through this feature, and this will really help the clients when they get automatic updates regarding the shipment. 

When the package arrives at the client, the admin compares the same, whether the package is the same or not, which was assigned to the driver. 


6. Automated Manifest Form delivery

This has already been said that clients love the option where a driver with few clicks on clicks on the screen can easily send a manifest delivery form back to the center as soon as the shipment gets completed. This delivery form is related to the particular vehicle information and the location of the shipment. This makes sure about the credibility and the accuracy. 


7. Automated Bill of Lading 

This automated bill of lading is one of the essential documents for shippers and carriers. This mobile feature of the bill of lading is having all important information like recipient, third party billing, and carrier, and itemized lists for both the customer's order and the carrier's tracking information.

Well, let me tell you that these all are such necessary transportation and logistics mobile app features over which all logistics clients show huge interest for transport mobile app development. 

Do not forget that all these features are not enough for your transportation business. In fact, there are some features that can be added while planning for mobile app development. There are some optional features too that can be added to your transport and logistics mobile application. 


8. Multi-lingual Support

According to research by Intercom, 70 percent of the customers like to interact with companies that offer native language support. So this case also happens with mobile apps too, especially for logistics apps. 

So, with the help of Multi-lingual support in apps, your customers can interact with you easily, no matter whether they belong to your region or not. So the feature of multi-lingual should be added in the logistics apps. This will help your user to communicate with you easily without hesitation or lack of communication. 

So, if you offer multi-lingual support in your logistics mobile app then you are going to make your customers happier because logistics apps are much more complicated in comparison to entertainment apps. 

There are so many customers who are liking this feature and are enjoying the benefits of logistics mobile apps. 


9. Offline Support

As this is the age of the internet and 5g so most people think that the network or connectivity issue cannot come but let me tell you, that is a big misconception. 

Let's have a look at this Stat:

According to research, over 1.7 billion USD is lost in revenue from apps because of poor internet speed and connection. Over 70 percent of app users abandon the app if it fails to load. Offline apps help mitigate this issue.

So, offline support in the logistics industry is even more mandatory because of all these facts.

The reason behind this is that the logistics business is primarily concerned with the roads around the countries. So, this clearly means that they have to go through the places having low connectivity and networks. Even developed countries like the US have some places where you can find low connections and networks. 

That is why Logistics apps should be ready for connection loss and be developed in a way that they can provide offline support to the customers. For example, drivers should have the knowledge of entering their data regardless of their location and connectivity. And this should be added in supply chain management apps in order to make sure about the reporting of tasks. 

For example, if there is a low internet connection in some area from where the driver is passing, then the app should at least give access to mark the assignment as being completed and note down the particular time and GPS location of the entry.


Final Words

Timely delivery and real-time notifications are two significant goals for a transportation business. 

A top logistics app development company in India can help you accomplish these destinations and offer improved types of assistance. Your clients can get all essential data moving with such an application, and eventually, your business can flourish.

Enlighten us concerning your interest in mobile applications for logistics and transportation. Which is the important feature you are looking for in your mobile app? Is there a specific feature that is required to be added here? If there is any query regarding this whole process, please let us know in the comment box without any hesitation.


Good luck!

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Essential Features of Transportation & Logistics Mobile Application!