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List of latest Play-to-Earn Crypto Games


Recent developments show that the gaming industry is broad and constantly expanding, and this is true even for blockchain-based games. Undoubtedly, play-to-earn cryptocurrency games have given gamers the chance to earn money while doing what they enjoy.

Play-to-earn game development is quickly becoming a popular business model and is revolutionizing the Defi gaming sector.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some top Play-to-earn games that are dominating the gaming industry in 2022.

But, firstly, let’s talk about,

What is a Play-to-earn?

As the name suggests, play-to-earn (P2E) gaming refers to all games that let players make money as they play. It is a newer type of game. In play-to-earn games, players get the reward in cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens.

In recent times, the popularity of these blockchain-based games, also known as P2E, has skyrocketed. They have practically become a trademark of every metaverse, with each platform possessing its coin to reward online players for their time investment.

The Statista statistics predict that the global gaming market will grow to $268 billion in value by 2025.

According to the reports, the market for play-to-earn NFT games will grow from USD 755 million in 2021 to USD 3618.4 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 21.3 percent from 2022 to 2028.

Top 10 play-to-earn crypto games of 2022

Here are a few play-to-earn cryptocurrency games of 2022. Have a look!

#1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a brand-new card trading game that will reinvent the genre by incorporating aspects of NFT into a format that is already well-known. Since rankings now determine who wins games, cards can be bought from other players or won in PVP matches, focusing more on abilities and strategy than luck. These cards can be exchanged on any native or public market.

#2. Axie Infinity

Unquestionably, the most well-liked play-to-earn game in the cryptocurrency market is Axie Infinity. Axies are the names given to the token-based creatures that players can collect, breed, nurture, battle, and even trade.

Axie Infinity’s market cap reached the astounding level of $7.8 billion, which some experts say sparked a passion for Play-to-earn game development.

Each and every Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT), and each one has unique qualities and advantages. Users can put up the time and effort necessary to upgrade their Axies, and they can exchange them for cryptocurrencies on a specific market.

Want to know more about developing a Play-to-earn game like Axie Infinity? Click here!

Read more — (Axie Infinity blog link)

#3. The Sandbox

A voxel game platform called The Sandbox 3D is like Minecraft and Roblox, but it features blockchain-backed collectibles and money. Players can build game environments on their land while it is still under construction and testing.

The top in crypto-related metaverse games right now is this game.

#4. CryptoBlades

Fighting foes, eliminating them, and receiving skill tokens as rewards are all part of this game’s gameplay, much as in other war games. Players can build weapons while they are playing, and they can even sell them in-game. Playing the game and participating in battles requires a small cost, which the players must pay in order to later gain rewards in the form of skill tokens.

#5. Pegaxy

In the P2E market, Pegaxy is a comparatively fresh game. It’s a PVP horse racing game that offers players a variety of ways to make money while they play. There are 12 different horses running in each race. The top 3 finishers will get VIS tokens. Using a random number generator, each race’s winner is selected. By leasing out their horses for a predetermined amount of time, players may also generate passive income. Before any trade can take place, both parties must agree on a price and time frame. Following the transaction, the buyer will have the right to utilize the horse in any race for a predetermined amount of time.

#6. Splinterlands

One of the best P2E games that makes use of card-based NFT technologies is Splinterlands. This play-to-earn game leverages the Hive blockchain and connects to a variety of other games. In terms of play-to-earn, Splinterland is also among the top cryptographic games for Android.

#7. Decentraland

Without Decentraland, no list of P2E games would indeed be fair. Decentraland is a virtual environment similar to the metaverse where users can fulfill their creative visions. The primary form of payment in the game is MANA, which can be used to purchase items in the metaverse, including real estate, virtual characters, and character enhancements.

It is a virtual world powered by Ethereum where users can build, interact with, and make money from various types of content and apps. Users can purchase land blocks. After that, they can modify it to make it more appealing, expand upon it, and perhaps even monetize it. Once land is purchased, a person can employ it to create whatever they want, from a standalone game to a fully-fledged online store. Even when they are not online, players can play with other users to defend their territory.

#8. Star Atlas

One of the best Play-to-earn NFT games is Star Atlas, which has one of the most advanced graphic technologies available. In this intriguing game, players can build cities, establish micro-economies, trade and purchase NFTs within the game, and establish Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Unity3D game development services are used to create the graphics and special effects in this game.

#9. Guild of Guardians

In addition to exciting play-to-earn opportunities, Guild of Guardians features a fascinating environment full of dungeons, orcs, and elves. Utilizing your gaming prowess on the platform, you may plunder and gather in-game items like Heroes and Pets that can later be sold on NFT marketplaces for a profit.

Utilizing your gaming prowess on the platform, you may plunder and gather in-game items like Heroes and Pets that can later be sold on NFT marketplaces for a profit.

Guild of Guardians allows anybody to engage in the experience, in contrast to other P2E gaming platforms.

#10. RaceFi

RaceFi is the Solana ecosystem’s first AI/ML embedded car racing game. RaceFi uses a weighted random algorithm to analyze the results. PvP and PvE versions of the play-to-earn game are offered in order to appeal to a wide spectrum of gamers. PvP mode provides you with additional options for planning, while PvE mode gives youcontrol of the vehicle.

The awards you get depend on your gaming ability and involvement in the RaceFi metaverse. On the other hand, players that have more XP and upgrades stand a stronger chance of winning. The winners receive a predetermined amount of the reward money.

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List of latest Play-to-Earn Crypto Games
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MyDefiPet Play Game & Earn Crypto | How to Play DeFi Pet and Earn. BSC Blockchain Game

My DeFi Pet is a a virtual pet game that combines DeFi, collectibles and your own personality. My DeFi Pet is operated on Supported Network including Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. I this video I take you through the basics on how to play and start building your pets which you can sell in the marketplace when it’'s live. This is not a free game you need to know DPET tokens on Pancakeswap or on a exchange that supports the KardiaChain version of Dpet. I like using Metamask it’s easier for me so this video will be in BSC.

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Cryptocurrency trading is VERY risky. Make sure you understand these risks and that you are responsible for what you do with your money
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Germany: 44% Will Invest in #Crypto and Join ‘The Future of Finance’

Germany was the first country to recognize #Bitcoins as “units of value” and that they could be classified as a “financial instrument.”

Legal regulation for the decentralized industry in Germany is ongoing. Now, 16% of the German population 18 to 60 are #crypto investors.

These people who own #cryptocurrencies or have traded cryptocurrencies in the past six months.

41% of these #crypto investors intend to increase the share of their investments in #crypto in the next six months. Another 13% of Germans are #crypto-curious.

They intend to invest in #cryptocurrencies too. Yet, only 23% of the #crypto-curious said they are highly likely to invest, with the rest remaining hesitant.

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How to Create a Successful Gaming App?

How to create a game app is a comprehensive guide, explaining the entire process of creating and publishing games for iOS and Android. Covering all the essential information a budding game developer needs to know.


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The Ultimate Guide to Listing at Crypto Exchanges | Hacker Noon


According to CoinMarketCap, there are currently more than 2500 cryptocurrencies and more than 300 exchanges (not counting countless small exchanges) where they are traded. However, new projects continue to emerge every month, presenting their tokenized solutions for various different industries. In the past, projects often finished their public fundraising stage before going to exchanges to get listed. Nowadays, many new projects want to go to an exchange without holding a token sale.

So, how should crypto projects go about getting listed on exchanges? How can you choose the first exchange for listing and avoid scams and frauds? How can you capture the most possible attention of the community for your token, and why is it important to keep expanding the list of exchanges on which it trades in the future? We will provide answers to all of these questions in our ultimate guide about how to get listed at the crypto exchange, so keep reading!

Why do projects need listing?

First, let’s go through the main reasons why projects need to get listed on exchanges. Many projects do not fully understand what the listing should give, naming the main goal for themselves - just to have the token traded somewhere. Well, this is understandable, but a good quality listing includes several components:

Ability to trade, buy and sell a token

Yes, listing makes your token available for sale. People from the project community will be able to freely buy and sell the token, thereby giving the project and the token a chance to succeed.

Expansion into new markets and community growth

Each exchange is its own community, which is formed according to various principles, including geographical ones. Getting listed on a new exchange means, among other things, entering new markets. Some exchanges operate worldwide and have traders from around the world, but there are also exchanges that are more focused on local markets (e.g. Korea, Latin America, Eastern Europe). Listing on a new exchange is not only an opportunity to boost trade volume and liquidity, but also for the project to attract the attention of other exchange users and turn them into community members, establishing its presence in a particular region.

Token sales

Let’s be honest, project founders are most commonly the largest holders of the project’s native token at launch. Tokens often lack the liquidity necessary to expand and develop, but organizing an ICO/IEO round is not always necessary or even possible. In some cases, with a successful listing and sufficient liquidity of the token, the project’s founders can act as traders who sell and buy the token as needed for project development, so long as it doesn’t contradict the financial model of the project, its WP, and obligations to the holders.

Partnerships in new markets

As we already mentioned, a new listing is often an entry into a new market. Along with the listing, other integrations into these markets are also possible. For example, you can look to establish partnerships with other players in your industry from these regions that will only enhance the effect of your listing. This also works in the opposite direction - getting listed makes it easier to find and negotiate partnerships.

Social proof

This is an indirect factor, but I think it is clear to everyone that the community is more interested in projects that are listed on good, solid exchanges than projects that are not represented anywhere.

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Game Development with .NET

We’ve launched a new Game Development with .NET section on our site. It’s designed for current .NET developers to explore all the choices available to them when developing games. It’s also designed for new developers trying to learn how to use .NET by making games. We’ve also launched a new game development Learn portal for .NET filled with tutorials, videos, and documentation provided by Microsoft and others in the .NET game development community. Finally, we launched a step-by-step Unity get-started tutorial that will get you started with Unity and writing C## scripts for it in no time. We are excited to show you what .NET has to offer to you when making games. .NET is also part of Microsoft Game Stack, a comprehensive suite of tools and services just for game development.

A picture of a game controller

.NET for game developers

.NET is cross-platform. With .NET you can target over 25+ different platforms with a single code base. You can make games for, but not limited to, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mixed reality devices.

C## is the most popular programming language in game development. The wider .NET community is also big. There is no lack of expertise and support you can find from individuals and user groups, locally or online.

.NET does not just cover building your game. You can also use it to build your game’s website with ASP.NET, your mobile app using Xamarin, and even do remote rendering with Microsoft Azure. Your skills will transfer across the entire game development pipeline.

logos of some gaming platforms supported by .NET

Available game engines

The first step to developing games in .NET is to choose a game engine. You can think of engines as the frameworks and tools you use for developing your game. There are many game engines that use .NET and they differ widely. Some of the engines are commercial and some are completely royalty free and open source. I am excited to see some of them planning to adopt .NET 5 soon. Just choose the engine that better works for you and your game. Would you like to read a blog post to help you learn about .NET game engines, and which one would be best for you? core #azure #c# #game development #azure #cryengine #game developers #game development #game development with .net #game engines #games #monogame #playfab #stride #unity #visual studio #waveengine