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How To Delete Negative Google Reviews (2023)

How To Delete Negative Google Reviews in 4 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to delete negative Google reviews, remove a fake Google review or manage your reviews better on your Google Business Profile?

Before we get started, it’s important to know that you’re not alone!

All businesses are bound to receive the occasional negative or fake Google review from time to time.

We’ve all been there.

However, did you know that there is a way for you to actually request to remove a fake or negative Google review?

We are going to show you how to better manage negative Google reviews on your business listing, as well as how you can request to delete any spam or unfair Google reviews through a few strategies, actions, tips and tricks.


What is a Google Business Profile?

Before we dive into this tutorial on how to delete negative Google reviews, it’s important to firstly understand what a Google Business Profile is.

Google Business Profile is the same thing as Google My Business (they’ve just changed the name).

Essentially, your Google Business Profile is a profile you can create with your business details such as your website, directions, location, phone number, directions and more.

That profile will then show up on both Google Search and Google Maps when a potential customer searches for your business (or a keyword related to your product or services).

In addition to this, people can also leave reviews about their experience with your business on your Google Business Profile.

These reviews can then be viewed by anyone that looks at your Google Business Profile listing.

Now, it’s important to note that these unfair or negative reviews should only appear occasionally (if you’re providing a good product, service and experience).

However, when you do receive these, they should be carefully managed.

You may also receive fake or spam reviews from time to time, and in this case, these reviews should be deleted.

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Why Are Google Reviews so Important?

Google reviews are imperative for any size and type of business as they increase credibility, authority, social proof and SEO optimization for your business.

Check out our detailed video on How to get Google reviews from customers.


How to Delete Negative Google Reviews?

Let’s get started and dive into how you can manage or delete negative Google reviews on your Google business profile listing!


1. Getting Started

Getting Started

The first step is to identify if the negative reviews on your Google Business Profile listing are fair, unfair, unreasonable, or just spam.

Once you’ve identified the type of negative review, you’ll either need to go through the process of requesting to remove the review, or managing the review yourself.

Unfortunately, if the review is fair and reasonable (and it’s not a spam review) then the only way the review can be deleted is if the person who posted it on your Google Business Profile deletes it.

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2. How To Better Manage Negative Google Reviews

How To Better Manage Negative Google Reviews

Alright, once you’ve identified the difference between negative (fair) views and negative (unfair or spammy) reviews, we’ll show you how you can better manage your negative reviews first.

Now keep in mind, negative reviews are not always a bad thing, especially if most of your reviews are 5 stars!


For example, if your Google Business profile listing consists of only 5-star listings, your reviews may end up looking fake or unauthentic.

What we mean by this is that it’s unrealistic you’re going to get a 100% success rate of 5-star reviews.

There will always be people giving you feedback or improvements that your business can make in order to be better, and a rare low review (for example a 1 star), will bring your overall review score to 4.5 or 4.7 out of 5 stars.

If a listing has a 4.5 or 4.7 overall review, these reviews actually look more authentic and credible in the eyes of your potential customers, resulting in more customers buying your product or service.


So, now that we’ve discussed the reasons why businesses should embrace any rare low-star negative review, let’s explain how you can manage these reviews:

  • Identify your negative reviews.


  • Respond to each review positively, rather than negatively.

What we mean by this is:

  • Apologize for the issue that that customer experienced.


  • Provide an incentive so the customer is more inclined to come back and do business with you.

That’s going to show other potential customers looking at your reviews that even if you receive a negative review, you’re able to positively respond and try to rectify the problem the customer experienced.

Basically, as a business owner, the aim of the game is to make sure that all your customers have a good experience with you.

Therefore, you should take their negative review as an opportunity to turn their negative experience into a positive one.

By responding positively to a customer’s negative review, the customer may see that and end up as a return customer or (even better) amend their initial review!

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3. How to Drive Positive Google Listing Reviews

How to Drive Positive Google Listing Reviews

Additionally, you want to make sure you are driving more positive reviews so they overpower the negative reviews.

Now, this is actually quite simple to do.

 Follow the steps below:

  • Reach out to any customers that you know for certain who had a positive experience.


  • Ask them if they can leave a review on your listing or


  • Go to your listing.


  • Copy the link. 


  • Send the link via email to your customers.


  • They can then easily click on the link and leave a review.

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4. How to Delete Negative Google Reviews?

How to Delete Negative Google Reviews?

Remember, you should only be wanting to delete negative reviews that you think are unfair, fake, or spam.

Now unfortunately there isn’t a way that you just can simply delete these reviews.

You have to first request the removal of those negative reviews, then Google will remove them if they believe they are spam or unfair.

To do that:


  • That’s going to take you here (see screengrab).


  • Head up to the far right-hand corner of your account profile icon.


  • Make sure the correct Google account is selected.

This is the Google business account that you use to manage your Google Business Profile.

  • Click ‘Request review removal’.


  • Come down and click ‘Confirm’ to confirm this is the correct email address associated with your Google Business Profile listing


  • Find the correct business name for the review you want to request to remove (see screengrab).


  • Click the correct business.


  • Come down and click ‘Continue’.


  • Select ‘Report a new review for removal’.


  • Click ‘Continue’.


  • Scroll down the page and find the review that you want to report (and hopefully remove).

As you can see, there’s a one-star review here (see screengrab).

  • Click ‘Report’ to report the review.


  • Select the reason why you want to report that review (see screengrab).

For the purpose of this tutorial on how to delete negative Google reviews, we’re going to click on ‘Spam’.


Once you’ve selected the reason why you want to report that review:

  • Click ‘Submit’.

Google will then let you know if and when that review has been removed!

However, that is the simple step-by-step process of how you manage your negative Google reviews and how you can request to delete negative Google reviews on your Google Business Profile listing.

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Google's TPU's being primed for the Quantum Jump

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing Units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute.

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing Units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute.

As the world is gearing towards more automation and AI, the need for quantum computing has also grown exponentially. Quantum computing lies at the intersection of quantum physics and high-end computer technology, and in more than one way, hold the key to our AI-driven future.

Quantum computing requires state-of-the-art tools to perform high-end computing. This is where TPUs come in handy. TPUs or Tensor Processing Units are custom-built ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) to execute machine learning tasks efficiently. TPUs are specific hardware developed by Google for neural network machine learning, specially customised to Google’s Machine Learning software, Tensorflow.

The liquid-cooled Tensor Processing units, built to slot into server racks, can deliver up to 100 petaflops of compute. It powers Google products like Google Search, Gmail, Google Photos and Google Cloud AI APIs.

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Seamus  Quitzon

Seamus Quitzon


Php how to delete multiple rows through checkbox using ajax in laravel

First thing, we will need a table and i am creating products table for this example. So run the following query to create table.

CREATE TABLE `products` (
 `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 `name` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci NOT NULL,
 `description` varchar(255) COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL,
 `created_at` timestamp NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
 `updated_at` datetime DEFAULT NULL,

Next, we will need to insert some dummy records in this table that will be deleted.

INSERT INTO `products` (`name`, `description`) VALUES

('Test product 1', 'Product description example1'),

('Test product 2', 'Product description example2'),

('Test product 3', 'Product description example3'),

('Test product 4', 'Product description example4'),

('Test product 5', 'Product description example5');

Now we are redy to create a model corresponding to this products table. Here we will create Product model. So let’s create a model file Product.php file under app directory and put the code below.


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Product extends Model
    protected $fillable = [

Step 2: Create Route

Now, in this second step we will create some routes to handle the request for this example. So opeen routes/web.php file and copy the routes as given below.


Route::get('product', 'ProductController@index');
Route::delete('product/{id}', ['as'=>'product.destroy','uses'=>'ProductController@destroy']);
Route::delete('delete-multiple-product', ['as'=>'product.multiple-delete','uses'=>'ProductController@deleteMultiple']);

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ClientFinda Review - Recommended or Not?

### ClientFinda Review

Do you have trouble attracting clients? You’re not by yourself.
Starting a business is not difficult, but growing a business can be difficult over time. The reason for this is that you require consistent cash flow.
Cash flow failure is one of the leading causes of failure in fast-growing businesses.

Sometimes an exciting increase in sales outpaces your ability to finance it. This is particularly difficult because you have become a victim of your own success.
Plan carefully for expansion, and especially ensure that you have solid sources of funding to support your expansion before it occurs. At the very least, if you over-plan and sales don’t skyrocket to the level you anticipated, you won’t be financially embarrassed.
And the only way to have consistent cash flow is to have customers who will pay for your goods or services.
Obtaining quality clients can be a real pain in the neck for your company.
I’ll show you the best way to find them, as well as the best tactics and system to employ.
According to statistics;

Only about 20% of new businesses survive their first year in business.

In the first five years, half of all small businesses fail.

These statistics can be frightening, whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or a first-time entrepreneur.
You’ve come to the right place if you want to get quality clients for your business, no matter what niche you serve or whether it’s a service or product-based business. Then get ready for the new ClientFinda App, which will go live on July 22nd, 2021.
Based on the positive buzz surrounding this software, I decided to conduct an in-depth review. ClientFinda is a game-changing platform… very much needed… and solves a HUGE problem for your company.
We’ll go over how it works, who it’s for, how much it costs, the incredible bonuses, the upsells, and the pros and cons of this new tool so you can make an informed purchase decision… and, of course, whether it is appropriate for you.
What Exactly Is ClientFinda?
ClientFinda combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) to conduct a deep search for quality buyer leads in ANY niche.
All you have to do is answer a few questions and you’re done…
The ClientFinda AI wizard generates laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads that are ONLY interested in your services and have specific requirements.
How Does It Operate?
Client Finda can be set up to work for you in three simple steps.
Step 1: Enter Your Audience Filters for Your Target Audience (Location, Niche, Social Media Presence, Online Reviews etc.)
Step 2: Look at the companies that are most likely to buy your services.
(AI, NLP, and ML powered results… ensuring 99.99 percent accuracy)
Step 3: Contact the clients who are most likely to purchase your services so that you don’t waste time and money on dead leads.
Who Is It Intended For?
works in the following fields:

Realtors and real estate


Listings on Airbnb

Automobile Sales

Recreation and travel

Computer games

Music and film

Retail and online shopping


Video Promotion


Whatever your audience type is-SMM, Content Marketing, Website Builder, Paid Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Ecommerce, Traffic, Agency & MMO, and so on.
This offer is ideal for you because EVERYONE requires buyer leads.
ClientFinda Advantages
You can discover whether or not your potential lead is running ads, as well as the type of ad they are running. The identification of ad mediums is done for you across platforms—Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Adwords…
You can then reach out to them with ready-to-use ads OR an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all based on their brand needs and preferences!
You will be able to provide the following services to your customers:

GMB Standing

They haven’t yet created a Google My Business listing? Great, now is your chance to jump right in and save the day!

Google PageRank

How high does your company rank on Google? Does the website make good use of optimization? If not, sell them on your knowledge.

Advertisement Pixels

Do they have ineffective advertisements? As soon as you connect with them, sell high-converting ads to them, almost as if you could read their minds!

Google Analytics is a web analytics service.

Determine whether or not your lead is using Google Analytics to track and grow their brand on their website.
If not, step in to save the day and get paid for it.

Markdown Schema

Find websites that do not use schema markup and contact them so you can offer them your services and charge them top dollar for them.

Linkedin Page

Find out if the company has an existing LinkedIn profile, as well as information about their connections…

Facebook Page

Determine whether the company has a Facebook account, as well as statistics such as page likes, posts, and activity…


Check to see if the company is on Twitter… with information such as the number of followers, tweets, and retweets!

What is the cost?
Incredibly, and this is one of the aspects of this offer that fascinates me…
ClientFinda and all of the awesome bonuses are available for a TINY one-time fee of $37… Can you outdo that?
That is a very small fraction of its true value, market cost, and income potential!
Furthermore, this small investment is backed by a solid ZRO RISK 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test run the software with no risk on the part of the product creator.
However, keep in mind that this low one-time fee is only valid during the launch special period. DON’T MISS OUT!
What Exactly Are the Upsells?
ClientFinda PRO-$67/month is the first upsell.
Users can conduct UNLIMITED searches, generate UNLIMITED leads, close UNLIMITED clients, and profit UNLIMITEDly for a low one-time fee!

Upsell 2: $67 for Outreachr-AI Cold Email Writer.

Outreachr is a fully automated lead communication system powered by AI.

$97 for DFY Digital Marketing Services
Get Instant Access to TEN Full-Blown Digital Marketing Service Kits and start offering in-demand digital marketing services to your NEW & EXISTING clients.

Resellify + ClientFinda Reseller-$97, $297
RESELL the CleintFinda app under your own name and KEEP 100% of the profit. Selling software products is a simple way to make money.
Get Reseller Rights to FIVE High-Quality Software Apps, as well as Professionally Designed Sales Pages and Marketing Materials.
The benefits are obviously numerous, but I’ll only mention a few:

Increased conversions are guaranteed.

Innovative technology

The greatest possible global reach

It is extremely simple to use.

It is simple to set up.




The Funnel is quite deep; there are four separate upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con because the software works perfectly without any of the upgrades.

You will require a strong internet connection.

To summarize, if you want to keep your business running without worrying about not having enough clients or running out of cash, ClientFinda is your best friend.
As a result, on this note, I’ll say that ClientFinda is a timely solution that I strongly recommend.
Without a doubt, I rate it a five-star rating. Anything else will be labeled “BIAS!”
You may proceed to secure your access. Your investment is both SAFE and WISE. Cheers!

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What Are Google Compute Engine ? - Explained

What Are Google Compute Engine ? - Explained

The Google computer engine exchanges a large number of scalable virtual machines to serve as clusters used for that purpose. GCE can be managed through a RESTful API, command line interface, or web console. The computing engine is serviced for a minimum of 10-minutes per use. There is no up or front fee or time commitment. GCE competes with Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Microsoft Azure.

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Embedding your <image> in google colab <markdown>

This article is a quick guide to help you embed images in google colab markdown without mounting your google drive!

Image for post

Just a quick intro to google colab

Google colab is a cloud service that offers FREE python notebook environments to developers and learners, along with FREE GPU and TPU. Users can write and execute Python code in the browser itself without any pre-configuration. It offers two types of cells: text and code. The ‘code’ cells act like code editor, coding and execution in done this block. The ‘text’ cells are used to embed textual description/explanation along with code, it is formatted using a simple markup language called ‘markdown’.

Embedding Images in markdown

If you are a regular colab user, like me, using markdown to add additional details to your code will be your habit too! While working on colab, I tried to embed images along with text in markdown, but it took me almost an hour to figure out the way to do it. So here is an easy guide that will help you.


The first step is to get the image into your google drive. So upload all the images you want to embed in markdown in your google drive.

Image for post

Step 2:

Google Drive gives you the option to share the image via a sharable link. Right-click your image and you will find an option to get a sharable link.

Image for post

On selecting ‘Get shareable link’, Google will create and display sharable link for the particular image.

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