An Overview of JavaScript Object Property Flags and Descriptors

An Overview of JavaScript Object Property Flags and Descriptors

Objects have properties. These properties can be very powerful, thanks to Object property flags. Learn what property flags are & how to them.

Objects are often used to store data as properties and values. This is not all. There are also tools to make these properties more flexible and powerful. Among them are Object property flags and descriptors. Learn what Object property flags and descriptors are and how to use them.

Object property flags

JavaScript object allow you to store data. These data are stored as properties and values in key-value pairs. This is the usual stuff you are likely to do quite often. What you may not know is that this is not everything you can do. Those object properties offer additional options.

These options can be very powerful. They can change the way you work with object properties. These options, you can use to configure object properties, are called Object property flags and descriptors. Object property flags are attributes that each property in an object has.

These flags are writableenumerable and configurable. All these flags have boolean value. They can be either true or false. Nothing else. Let’s take a look at each of them.

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