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Deno Functions Framework

Deno Functions Framework


A lightweight, open source FaaS (Function as a Service) framework for Deno.

The framework allows you to go from:

 * Send "Hello, World!"
 * @param request The Deno request
export default async (request) => {
    status: 200,
    body: 'Hello, World!',


curl http://my-url
# Output: Hello, World!

All without needing to worry about writing an HTTP server or complicated request handling logic.


  • Spin up a local development server for quick testing
  • Invoke a function in response to a request
  • Automatically unmarshal events conforming to the CloudEvents spec
  • Portable between serverless platforms


There’s no installation step for this library. It’s Deno.


Assumes you have Deno installed

  1. Create an main.ts file with the following contents:

    export default async (request) => {
        status: 200,
        body: 'Hello, World!',
  2. Start the local server:

    deno run --allow-net --allow-read --allow-env main.ts
  3. Send requests to this function using curl from another terminal window:

    curl localhost:8080
    Output: Hello, World!

Run in Container

You can also run this server in a container:

docker run -it --init \
-p 8080:8080 \
-v $PWD:/app hayd/alpine-deno:1.4.4 \
run --allow-net --allow-read --allow-env /app/main.ts

Deploy to Cloud Run

Currently doesn’t work due to a gvizor issue.

PROJECT=$(gcloud config get-value core/project 2> /dev/null)
gcloud builds submit --tag$PROJECT/deno-ff
gcloud run deploy deno-ff \
--image$PROJECT/deno-ff \

Current error:

Gvizor: Container Sandbox: Unsupported syscall setsockopt


TODO: Publish this to a separate repo:

Download Details:

Author: grant

Source Code:

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Deno Functions Framework
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The Difference Between Regular Functions and Arrow Functions in JavaScript

Other then the syntactical differences. The main difference is the way the this keyword behaves? In an arrow function, the this keyword remains the same throughout the life-cycle of the function and is always bound to the value of this in the closest non-arrow parent function. Arrow functions can never be constructor functions so they can never be invoked with the new keyword. And they can never have duplicate named parameters like a regular function not using strict mode.

Here are a few code examples to show you some of the differences = "Bob";

const person = {
name: “Jon”,

<span style="color: #008000">// Regular function</span>
func1: <span style="color: #0000ff">function</span> () {
    console.log(<span style="color: #0000ff">this</span>);

<span style="color: #008000">// Arrow function</span>
func2: () =&gt; {
    console.log(<span style="color: #0000ff">this</span>);


person.func1(); // Call the Regular function
// Output: {name:“Jon”, func1:[Function: func1], func2:[Function: func2]}

person.func2(); // Call the Arrow function
// Output: {name:“Bob”}

The new keyword with an arrow function
const person = (name) => console.log("Your name is " + name);
const bob = new person("Bob");
// Uncaught TypeError: person is not a constructor

If you want to see a visual presentation on the differences, then you can see the video below:

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Best Android Mobile App Development Frameworks

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Noah  Rowe

Noah Rowe


Cloud Function on GCP (Jakarta Region) & Serverless Framework

Hi everyone, I just heard from fellow Google Customer Engineer that Cloud Function now available in my region Jakarta! It is exciting news as now we can utilize the Cloud Function within the Region itself!

Cloud Functions Locations | Cloud Functions Documentation

Image for post

So with that kind of news, I am interested to actually test it out for a small experience of serverless in this new availability in the Jakarta region. (If you have any further or more elaborated experience please do share it with me!)

Now the idea is just to test the basic functionality of the Cloud Function to just do the most famous code ever (Hello World — who did not know this code?) and tested it with the HTTP trigger (the most basic one) and also tested the Serverless Framework to deploy the code.

Shall we test?

[One] let’s just try to create the function from the UI and go to Cloud Function — ensure that the API is already enabled — and create a new function.

Image for post

Sorry for the mistake caused by the dual monitor, I am kinda lazy to redo the capture. I created the function in Asia-southeast2 (Jakarta!) and allow unauthorized invocation.

Image for post

just use the default hello world function using the Node.js 12 and deploy

So after the deployment, we can test it through several ways which the easiest is through the UI

Image for post


These are the triggers that actually Cloud Function is able to use, so it is more than just meet the eyes. Well, I will keep the other for some future stories.

Image for post

For other kinds of test, we can use the gcloud cli call

gcloud functions call <function name> --region <region> --data {<any data>}

Image for post

It runs!

Or we can just use the plain old curl

curl -X POST "https://<region>-<project name><function name>" -H "Content-type:application/json" --data '{}'

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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2021

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Top 15 Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Applications

List of some useful JavaScript Frameworks and libraries for website, web apps, and mobile apps development, that developers should know about to make selection easier.
This article will help you understand the various types of JavaScript Framework available in the market. When it comes to choosing the best platform for you, it’s not only the number of features you need to consider but also its functionality. The ease with which it fits within your project is also an essential factor. The next step is to choose the framework that best fits your company requirements or you can select the best from the list of top web development companies to develop your product based on your requirements.

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