Play Sheet Music with Python, OpenCV, and an Music Recognition Model

Play Sheet Music with Python, OpenCV, and an  Music Recognition Model

An introduction to optical music recognition. Play Sheet Music with Python, OpenCV, and an Optical Music Recognition Model. An introduction to optical music recognition. Israel Ebonko.


Scientists have been experimenting for some years now on ways to make computers recognize music notations. According to a paper by Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza et al, research has been done in this area of study for the past 50 years and these involved the use of different techniques most of which were based on cutting edge technology present at those times.

In recent times, these researches have evolved to the use of cutting edge computer vision technology in interpreting these music notations which have drastically reduced the research process by about half. This research area is known as Optical Music Recognition.

Optical Music Recognition is a research area that aims at giving computers the capability to recognize music notations. These can either be notations in physical/hardcopy documents in the form of handwritten notations or printed notations on paper, or digital/softcopy documents that are handwritten or digital. A more in-depth introduction to OMR can be found in the paper, linked here.

The aim of this article is to introduce you to ORM. By the end of this article, you will learn about optical music recognition, how deep learning is applied to ORM, and apply ORM in a simple music application.

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