Learn React in One video - Fundamentals, Hooks, Context API, React Router, Custom Hooks

Learn React in One video - Fundamentals, Hooks, Context API, React Router, Custom Hooks

React Tutorial - Fundamentals, Hooks, Context API, React Router, Custom Hooks

React Tutorial - Fundamentals, Hooks, Context API, React Router, Custom Hooks

Complete React Tutorial (inc. Hooks, Context API, React Router, Custom Hooks)

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Intro 00:00 About React 01:09 Goals 06:51 Structure 08:50 Course Requirements 09:46 Dev Environment Setup 11:45 Text Editor Setup 16:26 Command Line Basics 18:20 NPM Basics 25:00 Create-React-App 35:07 Install Create-React-App 37:05 Folder Structure 43:19 Clean Boilerplate 52:25 First Component 54:00 Text Editor Setup 1:04:13 First Component In Detail 1:12:29 JSX Rules 1:19:18 Nested Components And Tools 1:28:55 Mini Book Project 1:34:50 CSS Basics 1:42:59 JSX Css 1:54:41 JSX Javascript 2:01:31 Props 2:09:30 Props Destructuring 2:25:41 Props - Children 2:29:44 Simple List 2:36:13 Proper List 2:45:12 Key Prop And Spread Operator 2:52:49 Event Basics 2:58:52 Import And Export Statements 3:11:12 Free Hosting 3:23:25 Advanced Intro 3:28:22 Get Starter Project 3:30:42 Install Starter 3:31:35 Starter Overview 3:33:43 UseState - Simple Use Case 3:39:00 UseState - Basics 3:48:44 General Rules Of Hooks 4:00:47 UseState - Array Example 4:03:39 UseState - Object Example 4:17:27 UseState - Multiple State Values 4:23:00 Simple Counter 4:26:17 Functional Update Form 4:32:10 Matching Project 4:44:55 useEffect - Basics 4:47:27 useEffect - Conditional 4:57:47 useEffect - Dependency List 5:01:40 useEffect - Cleanup Function 5:07:13 useEffect - Fetch Data 5:19:24 Multiple Returns 5:31:29 Multiple Returns - Fetching Data 5:37:09 Short - Circuit Evaluation 5:52:07 Ternary Operator 6:02:50 Show/Hide Component 6:11:30 Form Basics 6:20:15 Controlled Inputs 6:28:53 Add Item To The List 6:38:09 Multiple Inputs 6:50:32 useRef 7:06:29 useReducer - UseState Setup 7:16:20 useReducer - Refactor 7:29:52 useReducer - Add Item 7:37:15 useReducer - Remove Item 7:53:14 Prop Drilling - 8:00:56 Context API / - useContext 8:14:36 Custom Hooks - useFetch 8:26:22 PropTypes - Setup 8:38:09 PropTypes - Images 8:47:48 PropTypes - Default Values 8:55:48 React Router Intro 9:00:41 React Router - Basic Setup 9:05:52 React Router - Error And Switch Component 9:15:50 React Router - Links 9:18:51 React Router - URL Params And Placeholder 9:23:22 React Optimization Warning 9:37:51 React.memo 9:41:21 useCallback 9:49:50 useMemo 9:58:00 useCallback - Fetch Example 10:04:15

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