Did Discord Stages Just Kill DogeHouse?

Discord released a new feature called stages which is an audio room where you can selectively pick who can talk…



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Did Discord Stages Just Kill DogeHouse?

Did Discord Stages Just Kill DogeHouse?

Discord released a new feature called stages which is an audio room where you can selectively pick who can talk…



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Just Eat Clone, Just Eat Clone Script, White-label Food Delivery App Solution

Food delivery apps are becoming inevitable with each passing day. The sheer convenience of enjoying favorite cuisines from desired restaurants in the comfort of our homes is steering a revolution in the sector. The market for food delivery services is growing, and new players are emerging with distinctive ideas. The emergence of clone apps has made it easier for budding startups to develop and launch the app within a restricted budget and limited time.

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to launch a JustEat clone app? If so, you need to be wary of the crucial elements that can enable you to gain instant traction. This blog discusses such factors and their impact on your business’s success.

Work diligently on USPs: USPs are Unique Selling Propositions that can differentiate your platform from the rest. Unless and until you establish something unique, there’s no point for users to switch from existing apps to your app.

Have a user-friendly design: Complexity in app design can be the last thing you can expect during JustEat app like development. Hence, ensure that the design is simple, informative, and user-friendly, thereby engaging more audience.

Take care of your supply chain: Encompassing a wide range of restaurants with different cuisines is crucial to satisfy customers from different demographics. Moreover, ensure that you have an efficient delivery team by your side.

Cater to the glocal (global + local) audience: Having a multilingual and multi-currency support option enables you to gain a strong local base and establish a global presence concurrently.

Summing up,
Incorporate these aspects in your white-label JustEat clone, and witness a massive spike in customer engagement and profits in no time.

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Just Eat Clone, Just Eat Clone Script, White-label Food Delivery App Solution

Any business solution that caters to customers’ convenience is deemed to sustain a spectacular success, and on-demand food delivery is one such silo that channelizes terrific returns and tremendous profitability. Customers no longer need to trail through tedious queues and jam-packed restaurants as they can savor their favorite food items at their home’s comfort.

At Turnkeytown, we confer you with a comprehensive food ordering app development- the Just Eat clone. Infused with world-class features and encircled around a superlative user interface. Capitalize on the flourishing sector by initiating your Just Eat Like App Development today. Connect with us to know more!

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Why We Should Follow Step of the Software Development Life Cycle ?

SDLC gives a defined view of the entire system, resources, timeline, and goals. It can allow the highest level of management control and documentation. Software developers understand what they should build and why. Both stakeholders decide upfront on the target and see a concrete plan to achieve the aim. Everybody knows the necessary costs and resources.

The main reasons why SDLC is essential for developing a software system are:

  • Using the SDLC, it is easy to measure the growth and costs of the developed system.
  • SDLC enhances the control and monitoring of significant or complex projects.
  • SDLC involves well-detailed and comprehensive steps.
  • The design reviews help to ensure the reliability and quality of the developed solution.
  • SDLC provides extensive documentation of the system.
  • If a primary project member leaves, a new member can pick up where they left off.
  • It helps in evaluating, scheduling, and estimating deliverables.
  • It ensures correct and timely delivery to the client.
  • Provides a framework for a standard set of activities and deliverables
  • Improves development speed

#Stage 1: Planning

From the 7 steps of SDLC, the first one is the planning step. In this step, we are putting together all the tools to consider the scope and gravitas needed to pursue the software or project we want. The awareness of our customer’s requirements and how much capital, time, and resources we can contribute to their product’s success is also known as a “feasibility report.” And when we are in the preparation process, the three things that are mandatory to keep in mind are:

  • Identification of the system for development
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Creation of project plan

Furthermore, in this phase, we also weigh in on our options to see whether starting the development of a software or program is worth it to their investors or business as a whole. It also serves as a phase to assess our company’s business and software capabilities.

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#Stage 2: Requirements

Next in the System development life cycle is the requirement. The team ensures the project requirements of the end-users of the system. The company needs to connect with IT departments to express the new technology and improvement criteria.

Architects, developers, and product managers collaborate with SMEs to document the business processes that need software automation. This system development life cycle phase helps meet the client’s requirement by collecting the information on a single piece of paper and following it.

#Stage 3: Design and prototyping

Developers and software architects start designing the software after they have identified requirements. Developers apply proven methods for software development services to solve algorithmic issues.

Often rapid prototyping is included in the design process too. This approach requires a comparison of the best-suited solutions.

At the end of this phase, teams get design documents with the patterns and components chosen for the project, and the code used as a point of departure for further development.

7 Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC is a process that a software organization follows for a software project. We can even say that it is a series of seven main phases to create software or hardware. This methodology aims to enhance the development process and the quality of the software.

  1. Planning
  2. Requirements
  3. Design and Prototyping
  4. Software Development
  5. Testing
  6. Software Deployment
  7. Operations and Maintenance

It is important to develop a plan of action to reduce delays and meet deadlines. In order to succeed in this competitive environment, businesses need to ideally develop their applications, using 5 effective software development methodologies, processes, and strategies.

An SDLC aims to allow the successful production of a high-quality solution that would meet or exceed the requirements of a customer at all its phases, within the provided budget and timelines. Whenever anyone starts developing a new product, it’s necessary to follow the stages of the software development life cycle, which we will cover below.

Blog Source: https://www.dreamsoft4u.com/blog/sdlc-7-stages-of-software-development-life-cycle

Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


CSUL Discord Bot for python


This is the same old bot running on the Discord Server of CSUL, but i’ve changed the code. It’s better now.

How i did

The bot is now running on Heroku servers, using only free features. There are some new commands on Heroku CLI that can be a problem if you don’t pay attention.

I’ll list some things i almost miss while read the documentations, on the first attempt to host this bot.

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