Introducing AWS Gateway Load Balancer

Introducing AWS Gateway Load Balancer

Introducing AWS Gateway Load Balancer – Easy Deployment, Scalability, and High Availability for Partner Appliances.

Last year, we launched Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Ingress Routing to allow routing of all incoming and outgoing traffic to/from an Internet Gateway (IGW) or Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) to the Elastic Network Interface of a specific Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance. With VPC Ingress Routing, you can now configure your VPC to send all traffic to an EC2 instance that typically runs network security tools to inspect or to block suspicious network traffic or to perform any other network traffic inspection before relaying the traffic to other EC2 instances.

While that makes it easy to add an appliance into the network, ensuring high availability and scalability remains a challenge. Customers have to either over-provision appliances to handle peak load and high availability, or they have to manually scale up and down the appliances based on traffic, or use other ancillary tools – all of which increases operational overhead and costs.

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Can AWS API Gateway Act as a Load Balancer?

API Gateway can replace what a Load Balancer would usually provide, with a simpler interface and many more serverless features on top of it. The downside is that it doesn’t come cheap. In this article, we will look into AWS offerings for API Gateway (API GW) and Application Load Balancer (ALB).

[アップデート] Network Load Balancer で TLS ALPN がサポートされたので HTTP/2 が可能になりました。

HTTP/2でTLSの通信効率向上に期待. これまで NLB の TLS リスナーでは ALPN に対応していなかったため、HTTP/2 で受けることが出来ませんでした。そのため、NLB を介した HTTP/2 通信をするには TLS リスナーではなく TCP リスナーとして NLB を構成する必要がありました。 この場合、NLB は TCP パススルーとしてのみ機能しますので、TLS ネゴシエーションや、TLS の暗号化 復号といった処理は NLB のターゲットとなるサーバー側で行うこととなり、少なからず TLS 通信のための負荷が掛かることになります。

AWS: What Is Load Balancing?

AWS: What Is Load Balancing? Recently started reading a lot about AWS and doing some practical things to be in hand-on touch with the concept.

The ALB Ingress Controller Is Now the AWS Load Balancer Controller

AWS has rebranded the Application Load Balancer (ALB) Ingress controller as the AWS Load Balancer Controller, and now includes support for both Application Load Balancers and Network Load Balancers. The public vendor recently announced the renaming and updates to this Load Balancer controller, labeled as a new controller or AWS ALB Ingress Controller v2.

AWS Application Load Balancer vs. NGINX Plus

We compare AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) with NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus as a Layer 7 reverse proxy and load balancer. ALB has more features than at its debut in 2016, but we conclude that NGINX and NGINX Plus still provide more functionality and much more predictable pricing.