Independent Marketing & Distribution For Creatives

Independent Marketing & Distribution For Creatives

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Description When should you start thinking about marketing and distribution?

Before, during or after writing your script or album? Before, during or after casting or recording? What if you already have a completed movie or album ready to sell? While it’s best to strategize from the very beginning, it’s never too late to figure out a marketing and distribution plan. Although it might seem overwhelming and confusing to navigate through the distribution landscape of today’s marketplace, it doesn’t have to be. Join me as we explore effective and efficient ways to market and sell your work.

What we will learn in this Maverick Masterclass:


Effective Self-Promotion Different Kinds of Publicity Strategic Planning The Marketing Checklist Press-Kits Distribution/Selling Your Work:

Who are Producer’s Reps, Sales Reps, Aggregators and Distributors? Ways To Sell Your Work What to Know Before Signing a Contract After making, selling and releasing over 17 feature films globally, Steve has a lot of secrets, tips and cautionary advice to share. This workshop is perfect for any artist (actors, musicians, filmmakers) wanting to learn about self-promotion and how to get their work out into the world.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who is thinking about making something creative (film, album, book, etc) which will need to be marketed and distributed into the world marketplace Anyone who has already completed something creative (film, album, book, etc) and now have questions about marketing and distribution Basic knowledge You should have access to a spreadsheet program like Excel What will you learn You will know how to build a press-kit You will have a better understanding of the "middle men" in distribution You will know how to stand out with alternative marketing techniques You will have a realistic outlook on what kind of a return you will get financially You will have a marketing checklist for effective self-promotion

To continue:

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