Golang Testing — Mocking Redis

Golang Testing — Mocking Redis

Golang Testing — Mocking Redis. I recently discovered how to mock Redis in my testing environments with little friction. When testing our applications we often have a lot of external dependencies, such as Redis. When testing we should try to mock this.

When testing our applications we often have a lot of external dependencies, and often we’re not running our tests in an environment where we have room to boot up Redis, MySQL etc.

Recently I was trying to solve the problem of needing a Redis connection in one of my applications, but I didn’t want to have to keep a Redis server running whilst I ran my tests, I felt this was unnecessary.

I stumbled upon an elegant solution to this: https://github.com/alicebob/miniredis

This library spins up a Redis compatible server in your application that you can use without dependencies when running your tests in any environment. This is perfect!

Say in your application you’re making use of a redisClient which is available globally in your package scope:

In this case we’re using `github.com/go-redis/redis_` as our Redis library of choice._

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