React Sidebar Example | How To Create Sidebar Component In React

React Sidebar Example | How To Create Sidebar Component In React

How To Create Sidebar Component In React. We use the Github Library called react-burger-menu to build the sidebar menu component in React.js.

React Sidebar is an integral component in React powered web application.We use a library called react-burger-menu and also create a sidebar component using the  Material UI library. This library will help us to build a sidebar menu component in React.js. We are not using  Redux so that we will build with plain React.js.

React sidebar component example

In web applications, sidebars in web pages are one of the most powerful and used components that exist on a page due to their navigational functionality.

Sidebars are an essential to the web page, even if the level of attention does not come first. This is because they can help the users navigate in different ways, such as content that they may be interested in as opposed to the logical navigational menu.

First, we install the React.js and then install the third-party GitHub library called react-burger-menu**.**

react.js react react sidebar

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