PyQt5 for Building a GUI (Grid Creator)

PyQt5 for Building a GUI (Grid Creator)

We should clearly know how data/signal is transmitted in a GUI among widgets. Additionally, we should also know how data/signal flows from one window to another, since there is usually not only one window in a GUI.

An effective PyQt5 workflow for developing a desktop application with the example GUI for drawing a grid in an image.

Graphical user interfaces are usually covered in an IT project. For Python users, there are many famous frameworks for building GUIs, such as Tkinter, Kivy, WxPython, PyGUI. Last but not at least,** PyQt/PySide**, whichcombines the best of Python and Qt. PySide is very similar to PyQt. The two interfaces were comparable at first but PySide ultimately developed lagged behind PyQt. That’s why nowadays many developers have chosen PyQt, more specifically PyQt5(it’s the latest version). With PyQt5, we can create modern, portable, and stylish GUI’s for our Python programs.

There are many useful tutorial videos for PyQt5 online💻 (YouTube). However, in some time-critical projects, we must finish building an interface before watching through all related tutorial videos. What’s more, there are only special widgets needed in some use cases. Therefore, we recommend you first just to watch a few introduction videos and start to build an interface directly with a good strategy.

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