Interesting AI/ML Articles You Should Read This Week

Interesting AI/ML Articles You Should Read This Week

Interesting AI/ML Articles You Should Read This Week: Studying machine learning or deep learning? Take a look at this article that can guide your learning journey

Around a year ago, I was approaching the end of my MSc in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Although I had gained some useful theoretical knowledge, my practical experience was still lacking.

So I did what most of you would do, I purchased books on PyTorch and TensorFlow, watched videos and read tons of Medium articles.

This week’s bunch of articles are dedicated to those that are starting within the machine learning industry and are seeking direction, advice or simple learning material.

Here’s an overview of articles covered:

  • An introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks in PyTorch
  • 15 Chapters of free University taught deep learning topics
  • An account of a medical professional journey to becoming a Data Scientist
  • An introduction to Super Resolution

How I became a Data Scientist during COVID (as a Doctor) by Chris Lovejoy

“You’re only as good as your top three projects” — Chris Lovejoy

Chris Lovejoy writes about learnings from the experience of transitioning from a career in the medical field to a machine learning related profession.

Chris first advice to individuals looking to make a career change from a non-technical profession is to network.

The article points out common pitfalls early developer tend to fall into. These pitfalls can be avoided by seeking assistance from seasoned developers. According to Chris, he found technical guidance by meeting individuals at tech events, meetups and reaching out through LinkedIn.

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Bootstrap 5 Complete Course with Examples

Bootstrap 5 Tutorial - Bootstrap 5 Crash Course for Beginners

Nest.JS Tutorial for Beginners

Hello Vue 3: A First Look at Vue 3 and the Composition API

Building a simple Applications with Vue 3

Deno Crash Course: Explore Deno and Create a full REST API with Deno

How to Build a Real-time Chat App with Deno and WebSockets

Convert HTML to Markdown Online

HTML entity encoder decoder Online

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Data Science: Artificial intelligence is a field where set of techniques are used to make computers as smart as humans. Machine learning is a sub domain of artificial intelligence where set of statistical and neural network based algorithms are used for training a computer in doing a smart task. Deep learning is all about neural networks. Deep learning is considered to be a sub field of machine learning. Pytorch and Tensorflow are two popular frameworks that can be used in doing deep learning.

Most popular Data Science and Machine Learning courses — July 2020

Most popular Data Science and Machine Learning courses — August 2020. This list was last updated in August 2020 — and will be updated regularly so as to keep it relevant

Difference between Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, and Statistics

In this article, I clarify the various roles of the data scientist, and how data science compares and overlaps with related fields such as machine learning, deep learning, AI, statistics, IoT, operations research, and applied mathematics.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

Simple explanations of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning and how they’re all different

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will and is currently taking over an important role in our lives — not necessarily through intelligent robots.