Search & Filter with Vue.js in WordPress

Search & Filter with Vue.js in WordPress

Search & Filter with Vue.js in WordPress A simple Search & Filter application with Vue.js in a WordPress child theme

Search & Filter with Vue.js in WordPress

License: GPLv2 or later

License URI:

Tags: WordPress Search with Vue.js, spa, search, rest api, single-file components.

Requires WordPress: 4.9

Requires PHP at least: 5.6.0

A Single Page Search app integrated inside a child theme of the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme implemented with Vue.js.

The intent is to help developers with a boilerplate single page app created with Vue.js inside a WordPress child theme.


The child theme registers a Custom Page Template Search Page Template. The Custom Page Template loads a Single Page Search App implemented with Vue.js

Installation Manually

  1. Download the latest archive and extract to a folder
  2. Make sure you have the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme installed
  3. Upload the vuetwentyseventeen child theme folder from the extract to the /wp-content/themes/ directory
  4. Activate the theme through the Themes Menu in WordPress

Usage WordPress

  1. Make sure the vuetwentyseventeen child theme is activated.
  2. Create a Page from your admin dashboard in WordPress or use an existing one where you want the Vue Search App to render.
  3. Open the Page in Edit mode from your admin dashboard.
  4. On the right hand side under attributes you’ll see a template Search Page Template
  5. Select the Search Page Template and save the page.
  6. You'll see the Single Page Search app render on the page.

To Make Changes

  1. Setup your development environment (see accompanying article)
  2. Navigate to the spa directory using your system terminal
  3. Run npm install to install required packages in node_modules
  4. Run npm run dev
  5. Enqueue the dynamic script http://localhost:8080/dist/build.js in the wp_register_script() inside vuetwentyseventeen_enqueue_spa_scripts() of the includes/enqueue-scripts.php file.
  6. When done, generate a build with npm run build and enqueue it again.

Note: You may need to modify the CSS to suit your theme.

Developer Notes

  • Requires the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme.
  • Boilerplate files and comments have not been removed.
  • Uses Bootstrap for the CSS
  • The request to the WordPress REST API only loads 1000 records. Modify this in spa/components/AppGetPosts.vue


1. Set up the vuetwentyseventeen child theme.

Child Theme

2. Set the Custom Page Template

Custom Page Template

3. The Search App with Vue.js!

The Vue Search App

Flow of Control

Vue Search App Flow of Control

Download Details:

Author: karannagupta


Source Code:

vue vuejs javascript

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