A Beginner’s Guide To Redux

A Beginner’s Guide To Redux

According to the official website of Redux, “it is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.”

According to the official website of Redux, “it is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.”

The above definition can be broken down into three parts —

  1. Redux is a library for JavaScript applications — It is not only for React, but can also be used with Angular, Vue or vanilla JavaScript.
  2. Redux is a state container — It stores and manages the state of an application.
  3. Redux is predictable — It is possible to keep track of all the state changes.

Redux Concepts

  1. State — The state in redux is stored in plain JavaScript object.
  2. Action — It is also a plain JavaScript object with a type field that specifies how to change something in the state.
  3. Reducer — It is a pure function that takes the current state and action as input and return a new state. It updates data immutably, i.e.- it doesn’t modify the previous state but returns a new state.

Now, let’s understand the above three core concepts of redux with an example.

Suppose, there is a book shop, where a customer will go and tell the shopkeeper that he wants a book. The shopkeeper will go to the inventory and take out one book and will hand it over to the customer. During this process, one book gets deducted from the inventory.

So, here the book shop is the store that holds the state of the application. The customer describing his need to the shopkeeper is the action, and the shopkeeper is the reducer, who actually changes the state.

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