Cottage Ananda is one of the best places where you could easily get luxurious accommodation facilities. Of course, you could enjoy a great time with your family and friends in this high demanding corporate world.

Trips are majorly a result of long planning and take away your savings. An ideal journey can leave you with lots of unforgettable memories. If you are a lover of mountains, want to visit adventurous places, or fond of temples, then what is bothering you? Plan a memorable trip with your friends or family without putting a hole into your pockets.


  1. CHOOSE A DESTINATION: List out the destinations that you wish to visit. Check the most popular places to visit, the things to do, and the nearby destinations that could be covered in that journey. Choose out the perfect destination of your choice and try to take out the required information about it. You can even ask your friends or the known ones to help you select the ideal destination for you to visit.

  2. MAKE YOUR BUDGET: Plan everything related to the expenditure right from booking tickets for travel to returning. When people visit new places or go for a trip, they purchase different items as a memory of that trip. The destination you choose must be as per your affordability. The entire budget covers travel, staying, food, and the shopping cost. It would be more convenient if you prepare a checklist of all your plans during the days of your trip.

  3. LIST OUT THE PLACES TO VISIT: A trip is incomplete unless you visit the most popular places over there. Make a list of that places to visit that confines in your budget. The number of places will depend upon the total number of days of your stay. Make sure that you do not miss out on anything.

  4. SEARCH FOR THE BEST HOTELS TO CHECK-IN: It is important to choose the perfect venue to stay during the trip. The stay must not compromise with your comfort and budget. Cottage Ananda provides you the best cottages in Mukteshwar at incredibly lower prices. We also provide luxurious family cottages in Mukteshwar with all the necessary facilities.

  5. CALCULATE THE TRAVELLING EXPENSES: The traveling costs may vary as per the time or season you are planning your trip. If you are planning your trip during snowfall in Mukteshwar, the fare would be higher. Whether you want to travel by bus, train, or flight, please consider checking the total cost of the journey.

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