A web application for people to have individual communication with each other

A web application for people to have individual communication with each other

A real-time messaging application for one-on-one communication between students and staff members of Ardent Academy. Users can send text messages in any length limited by their network capacity and receive media files of any type such as JPEG, MP4, and PDF.



ArdentChat is a web application for people to have individual communication with each other. It was originally one of my assignments from my internship at Ardent Academy. It is also my first full-stack project that uses the MERN stack.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development purposes.

Running the Application

  1. Install Node.js

  2. Download/clone this repository to somewhere else and navigate to the folder in the command line

  3. Open the ArdentChat folder

    • Go to the client folder and type yarn install to gather all the necessary packages
    • Go to the server folder and type npm install to gather all the necessary packages
  4. Follow this tutorial to set up your MongoDB database

    • When you are done, create a file named config.js and put it under the server/util directory
  5. Follow the template below for your config.js file

    • Should be simple with the SRV address provided by Atlas
    const URI = 'mongodb+srv://<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>@<SERVER-ADDRESS>/<APP-NAME>?retryWrites=true';
    module.exports = { URI };
  6. Type yarn start to run the front-end code and npm start for the back-end code

    • The front-end should be running on localhost:3000 and localhost:3001 for the back-end unless you have other applications running simultaneously
  7. Hit Ctrl+C on terminals running the front-end and back-end code to stop running

Built With

  • Front-end
    • React.js
      • Material-UI
    • UUID
    • Socket.IO
  • Back-end
    • Node.js
      • nodemon
    • Express.js
      • CORS
    • MongoDB Atlas
      • Mongoose
    • Socket.IO


I used only Git bash for version management.


I want to say thank you to my fellow interns in Ardent Academy for their assistance. Also, kudos to Dr. Li for providing this amazing opportunity to let me work in Ardent.

Download Details:

Author: imliuyzh

Source Code: https://github.com/imliuyzh/ArdentChat

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