Community digest: Custom icons, Portable Text, Gatsby, and Tailwind (#4)

Community digest: Custom icons, Portable Text, Gatsby, and Tailwind (#4)

Today, we're going to be building a simple todo app with Vue.js, Laravel, and Tailwind.

Since the Summer of 2018, we have gathered a few thousand developers on the Sanity community on Slack. The excellent people there are not only helping each other out. It’s also a place where we show each other what we have built, and where the Sanity team can get useful feedback on upcoming features. We thought it was time to share some of the enthusiasm, reflections, and insights that we see every week.

Upcoming Events

We're hosting a meetup at Heavybit’s clubhouse on February 5th. It will be all about how to build voice assistants, and how you can customize the Sanity Studio. If you don't live in the Bay area, don't worry: We will record and put it up on YouTube.

Community Highlights

  • Custom icons
  • The Power of Portable Text
  • Gatsby + Zeit’s Now + starter
  • Gatsby,, Tailwind CSS, & Linaria.js Blog starter

Built with Sanity

Every week there are new sites and services that is deployed with Sanity.


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