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5 Best Python Switch Case Example


A switch case statement in a computer programming language is a powerful tool that gives the programmer total control over the flow of the program according to the outcomes of an expression or a variable.

Switch cases are particularly used to execute a different block of codes in relation o the results of expression during the program run time.

The program takes a certain course if the result is a certain value and another course if the result is another value and so on and so forth.

Let me begin by showing you how a switch case statement functions in Java so that you have a clue of what to expect in the python switch case statement, although it could be different in the way they have implemented, the concept remains the same.

I will later take you through the 5 best Python switch case example.

Java switch case demo of how to switch between months of the year and provide a default result if no match is found in the switch statement.

public static void switch_demo(String[] args) {

int month = 7;

String monthString;

switch (month) {

case 1:  monthString = "January";


case 2:  monthString = "February";


case 3:  monthString = "March";


case 4:  monthString = "April";


case 5:  monthString = "May";


case 6:  monthString = "June";


case 7:  monthString = "July";


case 8:  monthString = "August";


case 9:  monthString = "September";


case 10: monthString = "October";


case 11: monthString = "November";


case 12: monthString = "December";


default: monthString = "Invalid month";





Let’s break down the above switch case statement:

Step 1: The compiler first generates a jump table for the switch statement

Step 2: The switch statement evaluates the variable or the expression only once.

Step 3: The switch statement looks upon the evaluated result and makes a decision based on the result on which block of code to execute.

The default code will be executed in case there is no match found.

In the case example above, if the default block of code is executed the result will be “invalid month”, but since the month variable is initialized as 7, the output will be ‘July’.

Guido Van Rossum a Python developer believed in a simple programming language that could bypass the system vulnerabilities and hitches found in other programming languages, he wanted to create a simple syntax with more sophisticated syntactic phrases.
He never imagined that today, Python programming language could be the programming language to look up to when it comes to the standard language for designing scientific machine learning applications.

Switch case examples in Python

Python doesn’t have built-in switch statements like you could find programming languages likePHP and Java does, instead, as a Python programmer you could be tempted to use if-else-if blocks, but switch cases are efficient to use because of jump table than the if-else-if ladder.

The reason for this is, instead of evaluating each condition in a sequential manner, it looks at the evaluated expression or variable and jumps directly to the relevant branch of code to execute.

Switch using an if-else-if ladder to find the surface area, literal area, and volume of a cylinder

def switch():

r = int(input("Enter Radius : "))

h = int(input("Enter Height : "))

print("Press 1 for Surface Area \npress 2 for Literal Area \npress 3 for Volume \n")

option = int(input("your option : "))

if option == 1:

result = 2*3.17*r*(r+h)

print("\nSurface Area Of Cylinder = ",result)

elif option == 2:

result = 2 * 3.17 * r * h

print("Literal Area Of Cylinder = ", result)

elif option == 3:

result = 3.17*r*r*h

print("Volume Of Cylinder = ", result)


print("Incorrect option")


Explanation: In the example above, if the option is 1, the surface area of a cylinder is calculated if the option is 2, the literal surface area is calculated and finally option 3, the volume of the cylinder is calculated.

Switch case statement using class to convert literal to string ‘month’

class PythonSwitchStatement:

def switch(self, month):

default = "Invalid month"

return getattr(self, 'case_' + str(month), lambda: default)()

def case_1(self):

return "January"

def case_2(self):

return "February"

def case_3(self):

return "March"

def case_4(self):

return "April"

def case_5(self):

return "May"

def case_6(self):

return "June"

def case_7(self):

return "July"

def case_8(self):

return "August"

def case_9(self):

return "September"

def case_10(self):

return "October"

def case_11(self):

return "November"

def case_12(self):

return "December"

s = PythonSwitchStatement()




The output will be:




Invalid month


Explanation: First, create a class called PythonSwitchStatement to define a switch() method. It also defines other functions for specific different cases.

The switch() method takes an argument ‘month’ and converts it to string then appends it to the case literal and then passes it to the getattr() method, which then returns the matching function available in the class.

If it doesn’t find a match, the getattr() method will return lambda function as the default.

Dictionary mapping replacement

# Function to convert number into string

# Switcher is dictionary data type here

def numbers_to_strings(argument):

switcher = {

0: "zero",

1: "one",

2: "two",


# get() method of dictionary data type returns

# value of passed argument if it is present

# in dictionary otherwise the second argument will

# be assigned as the default value of the passed argument

return switcher.get(argument, "nothing")

# Driver program

if __name__ == "__main__":


print numbers_to_strings(argument)

xample using Dictionary mapping for functions by Switcher

def one():

return "January"

def two():

return "February"

def three():

return "March"

def four():

return "April"

def five():

return "May"

def six():

return "June"

def seven():

return "July"

def eight():

return "August"

def nine():

return "September"

def ten():

return "October"

def eleven():

return "November"

def twelve():

return "December"

def numbers_to_months(argument):

switcher = {

1: one,

2: two,

3: three,

4: four,

5: five,

6: six,

7: seven,

8: eight,

9: nine,

10: ten,

11: eleven,

12: twelve


# Get the function from switcher dictionary

func = switcher.get(argument, lambda: "Invalid month")

# Execute the function

print func()

Example using a dictionary mapping to return value

b ={

'a' : 122,

'b' : 123,

'c' : 124,

'd' : 125


# take user input

inp = input('input a character : ')

# -1 is the default value if there are no keys that match the input

print('The result for inp is : ', b.get(inp, -1))


Using dictionary mapping to switch the days of the week

def week(i):










return switcher.get(i, "Invalid day of the week")

Then make calls to week() with different values to find out the day of the week.

i.e week(2), the output will be Tuesday, week(4), the output will be Thursday while week(5.5)will output “Invalid day of the week”


Python does not have an in-built switch-case construct, but you can use dictionary mapping instead in place of switch case.

Python developer did not include the switch-case construct for a good reason.

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5 Best Python Switch Case Example
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Ray Patel


Lambda, Map, Filter functions in python

Welcome to my Blog, In this article, we will learn python lambda function, Map function, and filter function.

Lambda function in python: Lambda is a one line anonymous function and lambda takes any number of arguments but can only have one expression and python lambda syntax is

Syntax: x = lambda arguments : expression

Now i will show you some python lambda function examples:

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Shardul Bhatt

Shardul Bhatt


Why use Python for Software Development

No programming language is pretty much as diverse as Python. It enables building cutting edge applications effortlessly. Developers are as yet investigating the full capability of end-to-end Python development services in various areas. 

By areas, we mean FinTech, HealthTech, InsureTech, Cybersecurity, and that's just the beginning. These are New Economy areas, and Python has the ability to serve every one of them. The vast majority of them require massive computational abilities. Python's code is dynamic and powerful - equipped for taking care of the heavy traffic and substantial algorithmic capacities. 

Programming advancement is multidimensional today. Endeavor programming requires an intelligent application with AI and ML capacities. Shopper based applications require information examination to convey a superior client experience. Netflix, Trello, and Amazon are genuine instances of such applications. Python assists with building them effortlessly. 

5 Reasons to Utilize Python for Programming Web Apps 

Python can do such numerous things that developers can't discover enough reasons to admire it. Python application development isn't restricted to web and enterprise applications. It is exceptionally adaptable and superb for a wide range of uses.

Robust frameworks 

Python is known for its tools and frameworks. There's a structure for everything. Django is helpful for building web applications, venture applications, logical applications, and mathematical processing. Flask is another web improvement framework with no conditions. 

Web2Py, CherryPy, and Falcon offer incredible capabilities to customize Python development services. A large portion of them are open-source frameworks that allow quick turn of events. 

Simple to read and compose 

Python has an improved sentence structure - one that is like the English language. New engineers for Python can undoubtedly understand where they stand in the development process. The simplicity of composing allows quick application building. 

The motivation behind building Python, as said by its maker Guido Van Rossum, was to empower even beginner engineers to comprehend the programming language. The simple coding likewise permits developers to roll out speedy improvements without getting confused by pointless subtleties. 

Utilized by the best 

Alright - Python isn't simply one more programming language. It should have something, which is the reason the business giants use it. Furthermore, that too for different purposes. Developers at Google use Python to assemble framework organization systems, parallel information pusher, code audit, testing and QA, and substantially more. Netflix utilizes Python web development services for its recommendation algorithm and media player. 

Massive community support 

Python has a steadily developing community that offers enormous help. From amateurs to specialists, there's everybody. There are a lot of instructional exercises, documentation, and guides accessible for Python web development solutions. 

Today, numerous universities start with Python, adding to the quantity of individuals in the community. Frequently, Python designers team up on various tasks and help each other with algorithmic, utilitarian, and application critical thinking. 

Progressive applications 

Python is the greatest supporter of data science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence at any enterprise software development company. Its utilization cases in cutting edge applications are the most compelling motivation for its prosperity. Python is the second most well known tool after R for data analytics.

The simplicity of getting sorted out, overseeing, and visualizing information through unique libraries makes it ideal for data based applications. TensorFlow for neural networks and OpenCV for computer vision are two of Python's most well known use cases for Machine learning applications.


Thinking about the advances in programming and innovation, Python is a YES for an assorted scope of utilizations. Game development, web application development services, GUI advancement, ML and AI improvement, Enterprise and customer applications - every one of them uses Python to its full potential. 

The disadvantages of Python web improvement arrangements are regularly disregarded by developers and organizations because of the advantages it gives. They focus on quality over speed and performance over blunders. That is the reason it's a good idea to utilize Python for building the applications of the future.

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Art  Lind

Art Lind


Python Tricks Every Developer Should Know

Python is awesome, it’s one of the easiest languages with simple and intuitive syntax but wait, have you ever thought that there might ways to write your python code simpler?

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn a variety of Python tricks that you can use to write your Python code in a more readable and efficient way like a pro.

Let’s get started

Swapping value in Python

Instead of creating a temporary variable to hold the value of the one while swapping, you can do this instead

>>> FirstName = "kalebu"
>>> LastName = "Jordan"
>>> FirstName, LastName = LastName, FirstName 
>>> print(FirstName, LastName)
('Jordan', 'kalebu')

#python #python-programming #python3 #python-tutorials #learn-python #python-tips #python-skills #python-development

Art  Lind

Art Lind


How to Remove all Duplicate Files on your Drive via Python

Today you’re going to learn how to use Python programming in a way that can ultimately save a lot of space on your drive by removing all the duplicates.


In many situations you may find yourself having duplicates files on your disk and but when it comes to tracking and checking them manually it can tedious.

Heres a solution

Instead of tracking throughout your disk to see if there is a duplicate, you can automate the process using coding, by writing a program to recursively track through the disk and remove all the found duplicates and that’s what this article is about.

But How do we do it?

If we were to read the whole file and then compare it to the rest of the files recursively through the given directory it will take a very long time, then how do we do it?

The answer is hashing, with hashing can generate a given string of letters and numbers which act as the identity of a given file and if we find any other file with the same identity we gonna delete it.

There’s a variety of hashing algorithms out there such as

  • md5
  • sha1
  • sha224, sha256, sha384 and sha512

#python-programming #python-tutorials #learn-python #python-project #python3 #python #python-skills #python-tips