A Visual Introduction to NumPy

A Visual Introduction to NumPy

A Visual Introduction to NumPy helped me think of np.array differently a Python list

I’ve started using numpy more frequently in my own work.

Problem: I think of np.array like a Python list. But that’s not right.

This visualization guide helped me think of them differently.


  • arrays
  • creating arrays (I didn’t know about np.ones(), np.zeros(), or np.random.random(), so cool)
  • array arithmetic
  • indexing and slicing
  • aggregation with min, max, sum, mean, prod, etc.
  • matrices : 2D arrays
  • matrix arithmetic
  • dot product (with visuals, it takes seconds to understand)
  • matrix indexing and slicing
  • matrix aggregation (both all entries and column or row with axis parameter)
  • transposing and reshaping
  • ndarray: n-dimensional arrays
  • transforming mathematical formulas to numpy syntax
  • data representation
  • All with excellent drawings to help visualize the concept.


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