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Platform-powered: Building a Frontend Platform to Scale

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Talk: Platform-powered: Building a Frontend Platform to Scale as Fast as You Do πŸš€

In 2019, our frontend engineers were asking hard questions about the future of our frontend build system. As new engineering teams continued to spin up new frontend microservices, our custom-built platform grew increasingly fragmented. This led to more headaches for our teams, who were struggling to keep up with maintenance patches and security updates. What could we do to get ourselves out of this mess?

Come join us as we discuss how we built a new platform with Next.js at its core to solve the challenges we faced. With the momentum of the Next.js community, we were able to extend this framework with a unique plugin architecture that allowed our engineers to hot-swap new packages and tools while allowing us to upgrade entire swaths of the stack at once. At the same time, we’ve multiplied the productivity (and happiness) of every frontend engineer at Lyft. We’ll end with some great things to share that can be taken with you to address the challenges you face scaling your own frontend platforms!

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Platform-powered: Building a Frontend Platform to Scale

Microsoft Power Platform Overview - PowerApps, PowerBI,Power Automate,Power Virtual Agents

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β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ COURSE OVERVIEW πŸ“š β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
πŸ”₯ Topics Discussed πŸ”₯
β–Ί Identify Products in Power Platform
β–Ί Identify Features in Power Platform
β–Ί Practical Demonstration
β–Ί Why Learn Power Platform

πŸ”₯ Components of Power Platform πŸ”₯
β–Ί PowerBI
β–Ί PowerApps
β–Ί Power Automate
β–Ί Power Virtual Agents

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Hire Frontend Developers

Create a new web app or revamp your existing website?

Every existing website or a web application that we see with an interactive and user-friendly interface are from Front-End developers who ensure that all visual effects come into existence. Hence, to build a visually appealing web app front-end development is required.

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sophia tondon

sophia tondon


Microsoft Power BI Consulting | Power BI Solutions in India

Hire top dedicated Mirosoft power BI consultants from ValueCoders who aim at leveraging their potential to address organizational challenges for large-scale data storage and seamless processing.

We have a team of dedicated power BI consultants who help start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises to analyse business data and get useful insights.

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sophia tondon

sophia tondon


Hire Power BI Developer | Microsoft Power BI consultants in India

Hire our expert Power BI consultants to make the most out of your business data. Our power bi developers have deep knowledge in Microsoft Power BI data modeling, structuring, and analysis. 16+ Yrs exp | 2500+ Clients| 450+ Team

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aviana farren

aviana farren


How to build an IDO platform for fundraising in the DeFi platform

Initial DEX Offering, a fundraising opportunity to the investors, abbreviated as IDO. IDO refers to the launching of the cryptocurrency in the decentralized platform to raise funding from retail investors. IDO provides the startup companies with an opportunity for an immediate fundraising model using the blockchain technology.

Benefits of IDO:

  • Low cost of listing- gas fee
  • Open and fair fundraising procedure
  • Immediate trading and liquidity
  • Automated market trading
  • No risk of information an identity theft
  • Secured listing platform

IDO platform development:

The question that arises in the reader’s mind is how to build an IDO platform? The answer is yes! The following steps do the development of IDO platform:

  • Roadmap creation: A meaningful strategy and a clear roadmap about the business make investors invest in the platform.
  • Devise your White paper: A well designed White paper makes the business earn a lot of money by dragging the investor’s attention.
  • Development of the IDO tokens: The developers will assist you by developing the IDO token that is encrypted in the blockchain making it highly secure.
  • Token listing: Launching the IDO token at the right platform is essential for the optimum trading of tokens.
  • Marketing technique for better trading: This will make the listing process evident to many users to make them invest in the token.
  • Governance tokens: The governance tokens enable the user to influence decisions regarding the project. It is an ideal authorization making the platform even more user friendly.

The support and service option will be provided by the company that you selected for the platform development.

Infinite Block Tech is prominent in designing and developing the DeFi platforms like IDO platform development. We provide a high-end security benefit for the IDO platform making the user a trouble free transaction.

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