New Serverless Bert with Huggingface, AWS Lambda, and AWS EFS

New Serverless Bert with Huggingface, AWS Lambda, and AWS EFS

Build a Serverless Question-Answering API using the Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, AWS EFS, efsync, Terraform, the transformers Library from HuggingFace

In this article, we are going to tackle all the drawbacks from my previous article like model load time, and dependency size, and usage.

We are going to build the same “Serverless BERT powered Question-Answering API” as last time. But instead of using compressing techniques to fit our Python dependencies into our AWS Lambda function, we are using a tool called efsync. I built efsync to automatically upload dependencies to an AWS EFS filesystem and then mount them into our AWS Lambda function. This allows us to include our machine learning model into our function without the need to load it from S3.

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