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On-demand Handyman App Script

Our On-demand Handyman App Script contains the entire set of codes needed to launch your own on-demand app like uber for handyman instantly on the go with ease. 
Ease out the process of hiring a professional handyman with the uber for handyman services app!

Uber for handyman is a service that simplifies the way we people choose to get solved with some of the major or minor issues that are about to rise in our home on a daily basis. Yes! As the name implies, the on-demand handyman apps are well versed in providing handy home repairing services at a reasonable cost. This is why a lot of people today often prioritize handyman apps like uber over the traditional handyman services. 
Why uber for handyman:

‘Get a hassle-free handyman service right with uber for handyman’

Nowadays, getting out a skilled handyman right at your doorstep to help you out with the necessary handyman services is not that easy. It is exactly possible only with the handyman like apps available in the market that can help us get connects with the nearby handyman service providers at any point of time without fail.  https://uberforxapp.com/uber-for-handyman/

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On-demand Handyman App Script

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Let the handyman get innumerable gigs using Uber for handyman

Getting a handyman need not take much time anymore. Get handyman services with a single tap using Uber for handyman services app. The handyman app, like Uber, helps the handyman get many gigs quickly and earn good revenue. At Appdupe, we offer on-demand handyman service app development, which helps develop a simple app with amiable UI. Get in touch with us to build your app now @ https://www.appdupe.com/uber-for-handyman

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Uber for Handyman mobile app - Unbeatable home services app

How easy it would be if you can have access and contact details to all services without asking anyone but an app. As the name suggests, this app is going to be always reachable at any time and handy.

We will walk you through the whole idea of developing an on-demand handyman app.


  • We would like to give you a clarity by giving an example. Now, if you want to fix a leaking tap or anything that can’t be done by yourself , you will definitely need someone handy to help you fix the problem.
  • There comes a handyman. Instead of you searching for the best service providers having zero knowledge about their past work or records, by creating a mobile app like Uber for a handyman benefits both the entrepreneur and the customers in several ways where it saves time and stress – free for customers while the usage of app is scaled up and gains users trust for the businesses.
  • The amazing feature about this app is, you can always look for the best pros on-demand apps for a handyman and accomplish the job and especially helps users in saving their time and cost.
  • The existing handyman service provider’s past records and histories are highly maintained in the app ensures the quality of the service through the ratings and reviews given on the app.
  • There were days where you had to literally search or hunt for several service providers, contact them one by one to know the charges and decide the best out of it.


  • These handyman service app like Uber can be downloaded easily from the app store.
  • Apps like these ease your hunt and you can lease out the best through the app in no less time to finish the task spending less money.
  • Even startups can reap the benefit of a mobile app like Uber for a handyman by developing it for your own business.


The user has access and request for any service on the app like electricians, plumbers, technicians, carpenters etc. You can select the provider of your choice based on the price,ratings and their past work records.

After choosing the provider, wait until the specified provider accepts your request and confirms.

Now, the provider arrives at the destined location provided by the user on the app. Before starting the job, the provider turns on or starts the clock as the prices are hourly based and that gives no room for bargaining.

Upon the completion of the requested task, the timer is stopped, and the bill is generated. You can complete the payment process securely by using the payment gateways available in the app.


Locating services made easy : thus saves time by helping you find the handyman near your location.
Scheduling : When the user finds a service member, they can easily fix an appointment with them at a particular time. If the user is unavailable due to unavoidable reasons at that moment they can easily cancel the appointment.
Chat options : It helps to have conversations in real-time and enables users to get answers to their queries.
Payment options : Payment is done digitally or even in cash.All payment options are made available on the app.
Tracking : To exactly know the whereabouts of the specified service provider.
Reviews and Rating : It eases your hunt of finding the suitable provider for your unfinished work.
Past work records : In the handyman app, users can easily view the details of their past services and the payment details.


If you are still not clear why the mobile application is necessary, let me tell you that making a small company grow and sustain can be a difficult task, but making the best choices by using on-demand apps can contribute to long-term success. The mobile app to life is the same baby move that can turn all the efforts and commitment into a massive profit. Having a app like uber for handyman optimizes the app and also transforms your need into an easy one to optimize your app idea and transform your vision into a reality.

Visit Our Blog : https://www.bingarticles.info/making-your-home-services-easier-with-a-handyman-mobile-app/

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Amplify your Handyman service app by enriching with salient features

The use of the internet and technology has imbibed in everyone’s lives. Even right at this moment, you wouldn’t have started this day without using mobile apps. It has created a massive impact because it makes people’s lives more comfortable by offering services instantly, thus saving their time, and things are getting done on time, which they prefer the most in this fast-paced world.

Why do people prefer using Handyman services?

If you take any services in all industries, there are mobile apps for everything. For food delivery, you have Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. We also have an online app for courier delivery services, packers, movers, logistics, beauty, etc. You name it; you will have an app for it.

There is also an app that delivers services like plumbing, beauty, courier, etc. Above, we discussed there is an app for everything. But a handyman solution is nothing but having all the services in one app, making the work much easier. To avail of all services in a single app, we have our On-demand handyman app development.

Usually, people get busy, and they do not find the time, and even if they do, they don’t have the skills to do the chores around the house like fixing doors, electrical conduit, or plumbing doors, etc. Now, you have an app for that called Handyman where it helps them to select the required services from the app, schedule or book the service, and they will arrive at your doorstep and get things done for you. This is the crucial reason people prefer to use an app like Uber for Handyman as they work on people’s requested time to provide a quality service.

Here, we will discuss the features and other processes involved while building an Uber for Handyman services.

Originally Published , https://softwarelozi.com/amplify-your-handyman-service-app-by-enriching-with-salient-features/

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How an On-demand handyman app script propels your business?

It doesn’t need an expert to assert the existing gap between the monumental demand for instant services catering to a legion of domestic requirements and a scarcity for such platforms. A 5-billion strong smartphone user base is vehemently looking for services that ooze convenience, and nothing can be as relevant as launching an Uber for Handyman service app, given the tremendous receptivity. Wishing to harness this once in a blue moon opportunity?

At Appdupe, we proffer you with our Uber For Handyman Services App that’s drenched in a stellar array of features and a robust functionality. Having built tapping groundbreaking technology, this world-class on-demand handyman services app is devised to propel your entrepreneurial efforts to himalayan heights! Highly recommended.

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