10 Resources to Learn Vue.js in 2020

10 Resources to Learn Vue.js in 2020

A complete guide to becoming a hirable Vue.js developer. After a few years of working with React, I was getting more and more curious about Vue and its growing ecosystem. I’m thrilled that I now get to dedicate my whole time to it, having recently joined a company that uses Vue for all its front end.

After a few years of working with React, I was getting more and more curious about Vue and its growing ecosystem. I’m thrilled that I now get to dedicate my whole time to it, having recently joined a company that uses Vue for all its front end.

What a blast! The learning curve is nothing compared to React’s. It just feels like everything falls into place, and in the end, I find it so much easier than with React to keep the app clean, readable, maintainable, and scalable. This is my very personal opinion, of course, and I still find lots of advantages to using React. However, the pleasure that has come from working with Vue over the last few weeks has, to my own surprise, brought me to a no-going-back point and I’ll be writing a lot more on Vue from now on.

While it’s true that React has the biggest community at the moment, it also comes with a huge opportunity for us developers to play a role in the Vue ecosystem. That will have a great impact since I’m personally convinced that Vue will take up a much larger market share in the coming years.

Feel excited? I know I am, and as a start, here are ten great resources to learn Vue.js (without forgetting their very high-quality official documentation) so that you can get on that awesome and promising journey too!

Vue School

The Vue School platform is fully dedicated to Vue and is one of the most exhaustive and qualitative I found. Courses start from a very beginner level and bring you all the way to being a hirable Vue.js developer. New courses are added regularly, which helps to stay up to date with the latest additions to the ecosystem. You might have heard of Vue 3, which is going to be huge. Also, a Vue 3 Master Class is a “work in progress” on Vue School.

After discovering the basic concepts with the beginner courses, the Vue.js Master Class will get you to the next level. This course will teach you everything there is to know about Vue while building a production-ready forum application using the Vue-CLI, single-file components, Vue router, managing state with Vuex, building Vue plug-ins, adding third-party authentication and a real-time database usage with Firebase (if you’ve checked my other articles, you know my love for Firebase), and a lot more. It offers all this while teaching you the best practices regarding the architecture of a clean, scalable, and maintainable Vue application.

Cost: Some courses are free and full access is $25/mo.

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Vue School — The Vue.js Master Class

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