7 Best Features That Make PHP Laravel Framework A Winner

7 Best Features That Make PHP Laravel Framework A Winner

PHP is one of the most popular web development language used for app and website development. Twenty million plus domains including big, small, startups and so on are using it. The popularity of PHP is since it suits the needs of all business types.

Moreover, it has a big community that helps developers solves issues with coding and create a web application quickly.

In this blog, we will talk about a popular PHP framework- Laravel. Laravel framework is one of the most important web frameworks offered by PHP. This platform is feature rich, and aids in creating high quality and performance oriented web applications. It is new but packed with a plethora of features that helps build the best of apps you see in the market.

Laravel- An Introduction

Taylor Otwell is the brain behind Laravel. It is an open-source PHP web framework that is free. It uses the model-view-controller (MVC) and architectural pattern to develop web applications. The popular PHP framework was released in June 2011. The current version of Laravel in the market is 5.6.

Market Statistics of Laravel

Graph showing the use of Laravel in different industry:

All the above graphs show that Laravel is in high demand. The main reason for its high market share is that its well-designed tool lets the developer write fewer codes. Fewer codes, in turn, guarantee less human error and better quality app.

PHP Laravel Framework ensures the building of app that has high value and productivity. The no of repetitive code is also less that is why Laravel Development framework is the go-to for many app development companies.

Features that make PHP Laravel Framework the best

Here are seven features that make Laravel development framework the best amongst all PHP frameworks.

Light-weight templates

Laravel web development framework has the best and most light-weight inbuilt templates. It helps the developer in creating awesome layouts using dynamic content. Moreover, it has multiple widgets that incorporate CSS and JS code. Designs of the templates of this framework are such that you get a simple layout but with distinctive sections.


The popular PHP framework Laravel has a built-in tool for command line called Artisan. The tools aid the developer to perform most of the repetitive programming functions that they don’t want to do manually. It is also used to build the database structure and skeleton code. Developers can use to build database migration for managing the database system easily. Artisan also helps PHP developers to create their own commands and do various things with it.

Libraries & Modular

Laravel framework has numerous object-oriented libraries and other libraries. These pre-installed libraries make it popular as they are not present in any other PHP framework. One of the most popular preinstalled libraries is Authentication library. It is easy to integrate and use and many features like checking active users, resetting the password, cross-site request forgery and so on. Moreover, it divides itself into individual modules that use modern PHP principles. It aids the developers in building responsible and handy web applications.

MVC architecture

Laravel development framework’s MVC pattern ensures clear in presentation and logic. The MVC architecture support aids in enhancing the performance allows better documentation and has many other in-built functions.

It has a huge migration system for databases

Laravel has a migration system. It helps in expanding the structure of the database of the web application. It expands the database without the need to re-create it every time you make any changes to it. Due to this feature, there is less chance of data loss. Not only can you change the database with Laravel, but it also uses PHP for it instead of SQL.


Another feature that makes PHP Laravel framework preferable is the way it does unit testing. With Laravel, you can run multiple tests to check that the new changes don’t break anything in the web application. Using Laravel developers are confident about app launching as it takes care of known failure. Also, it is easy to write unit tests for codes.


When you are in the middle of web application development, ensuring its safety is your biggest concern. That is why; developer takes all precaution to keep the security intact. With Laravel, programmers feel safe as it takes care of the security within its own framework. It uses hash and salted password to ensure the safety meaning you can never save it as plain text in a database. Moreover, it utilizes “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to encrypt password.


These features make PHP Laravel framework popular amongst developers who prefer it above other frameworks. It has numerous features that ease the job of developers. Also, this web development framework lets the developer create their own command. Moreover, they can create an infrastructure specially designed for their web application.

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