How To Write Bug-Free Readable JavaScript

How To Write Bug-Free Readable JavaScript

Learn how to write bug-free readable JavaScript. An explanation on how to write readable JavaScript summarised from experts: Use Bug Avoidant Function Grammar, Comments, Classes, Habits, Law of Demeter, Closing Notes

If you hate JavaScript you are gonna wanna read this.

A prescriptive and opinioned explanation on how to write readable JavaScript based on the teachings of “Uncle” Bob Martin, Douglas Crockford, Timothy Daly, Jules May, and Kevlin Henney.

Where they disagree I default to whichever one has the least disdain for JavaScript.

The first thing to learn is that code is for others to read, and incidentally for a computer to understand. Ideally, the computer would take ones and zeros, but we are writing in a compressed form of English. Obviously, the computer is not the chief target of what is being written. A human is, a human in the future that is going to make unpredictable changes to the code.

Minification and transpiring software will optimize the code. The point here is to make code that implements a business requirement and can then be expanded upon.

  • Use Bug Avoidant Function Grammar
  • Comments
  • Classes
  • Habits
  • Law of Demeter
  • Closing Notes

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