Android 10: What is the new Android update?

Android 10: What is the new Android update?

What are the best Android 10 features you should know? Refer this blog to know about the attractive features of Android 10 that will make you feel WOW.

Android 10 is finally launched after a year of development time. It has come up with advanced technology like machine learning technology and many others. It has also focused on privacy and security of users to provide more flexible service to their users such as their protection, transparency and control.

Here Are The Top 5 Features of Android 10:

1)     Dark Mode

Android 10 brings a system-wide dark theme which can give better user experience and save battery life of device. You can use dark mode on system UI and specific apps. As YouTube, Google Fit and Google calendar are also providing the dark mode facility to their users. Now, you can also apply the dark mode facility from Settings -> display.

2)     Live Caption

Live Caption is the most attractive feature of the latest version  It is on-device captioning tool. From which OS can provide captions for videos, messages, audio messages and podcasts across the different mobile application. It is very good facility for users who are looking for things on mute. It will also be beneficial for those users who are feeling difficulty while hearing.

3)     Smart Replay and Actions

They are into notification framework which offers system provided smart replies and actions. These are added directly into notification by default. Mobile app developers can also provide their responses and actions. If you receive message along with an address, then all notifications from messaging apps will send highly contextual information as a reply.

4)     Security

This new version of Android 10 has taken right decision to ensure safety through platform hardening and authentication.

  • Storage Encryption

The digital devices are compatible with Android 10 which is required to encrypt the user data. And to make more efficient the new version has included new encryption mode which is known as Adiantum.

  • TLS 1.3

Android 10 allows TLS 1.3 by default. There is noteworthy change to the TLS standard with the benefits of performance and security improvisation.

5)     Bubble Notifications

Android 10 is launched with a latest style of notifications named as “Bubble”. They will allow users to do multitask while doing conversation quickly. They are highly designed for user interaction. Using this features, user will able to pin to home screens for continual access.

Moreover, these are the primary features of Android 10 which can take mobile app development to next level. But, if you are wondering to build any application with the latest features of Android 10 then you can consult any Android App Development Company.

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