Everything you need to know about Salesforce Certification

Everything you need to know about Salesforce Certification

Salesforce roles offer a varied range starting from the ones engaged in Technical fields like architects, developers and so on to those involved in marketing and sales.

Salesforce roles offer a varied range starting from the ones engaged in Technical fields like architects, developers and so on to those involved in marketing and sales. Salesforce Certifications can readily increase the marketability of a person in the IT market by helping them become a subject matter expert. The best of Salesforce is its flexibility. It lets you choose and control your own career path. And, with the addition of more certifications, it will get easier for you to command for a higher salary or hourly rate.

Salesforce certification overview:

Administrators – Those who are applying for this particular Certification should have a detailed idea about Salesforce customization and configuration. Basically, an administrator needs to focus on defining the requirements of users, customizing the Salesforce platform, and helping users to get the most out of the solutions.

App Builders – In order to get this Credential, one needs to be able to design, build and implement custom applications on the Force.com platform. This particular Certification requires a programming and Engineering minded skill set.

Developers – You can choose to either have the two-tiered platform developer credentials or a credential of developing e-commerce solutions. In any case, one needs to be skilled enough to build custom declarative and programmatic applications on the Force.com platform.

Architects – You can apply for a Domain Architect certification as either Application Architects or System Architects only after you have earned a specific set of certifications from the Designer, Developer and App Builder tracks. To be able to earn this credential, it is imperative to have to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and capabilities across all available domains.

Consultants – In order to have this particular Certification, you need to design and implement solutions in your own area of expertise. Some of the areas are Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant, Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant and so on.

Salesforce jobs and salaries:

Salesforce jobs allow you to receive a handsome salary based on your skill in your own area of expertise. According to a popular study, Salesforce jobs pay on average more than $70,000 per year, with Salesforce developers commanding $100,000 on average.

Salesforce Trailblazer accounts allows you to earn “badges” to prove their competency in areas such as security, data integration, and business analytics, with the help of Salesforce jobs. Most importantly, the demand for Salesforce Certification is sky-high right now and it is here to say as the experts believe. So, the jobs can not only give you financial stability but can also provide you with the security of the future.

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