5 Steps to Passing the TensorFlow Developer Certificate

In this tutorial, we'll learn 5 Steps to Passing the TensorFlow Developer Certificate. Deep Learning is one of the most in demand skills on the market and TensorFlow is the most popular DL Framework.

What is TensorFlow? TensorFlow

An end-to-end open-source platform for Machine Learning. Before we start with TensorFlow, we will need to know what machine learning and deep learning technologies are.

Serving TensorFlow models with TensorFlow Serving

This is a detailed guide on how to create TensorFlow models and then deploy them using TensorFlow Serving

A TensorFlow Modeling Pipeline using TensorFlow Datasets and TensorBoard

This article investigates TensorFlow components for building a toolset to make modeling evaluation more efficient. Specifically, TensorFlow Datasets (TFDS) and TensorBoard (TB) can be quite helpful in this task.

Keras vs. Tensorflow - Difference Between Tensorflow and Keras

Keras vs Tensorflow - Learn the differences between Keras and Tensorflow on basis of Ease to use, Fast development,Functionality,flexibility,Performance etc