Waldo  Rippin

Waldo Rippin


Fixing A Common FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder Problem

Randal shows how a common problem in using a FutureBuilder or StreamBuilder can easily be corrected.

TL;DR: do not construct the future or the stream as the argument to the builder. Stash it into a state variable somewhere else so it gets constructed only once.

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Fixing A Common FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder Problem
Waldo  Rippin

Waldo Rippin


Fixing A Common FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder Problem

Randal shows how a common problem in using a FutureBuilder or StreamBuilder can easily be corrected.

TL;DR: do not construct the future or the stream as the argument to the builder. Stash it into a state variable somewhere else so it gets constructed only once.

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Vincent Lab

Vincent Lab


How to do Problem Solving as a Developer

In this video, I will be talking about problem-solving as a developer.

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Fixing Corrupted Undo Tablespace | #dailyDBA 33

0:01 #dbaChallenge: Which cases sql plan hash value will change?

Questions Picked-up For This Episode:

1:31 If RMNA backups are residing on different DISK GROUPS then can we restore the rman backup? If yes then is there any specific change is needed in restore syntax?

03:35 #dba Challenge!

04:17 How to fix when undo tablespace get corrupted?

06:09 Is optimizer smart enough to choose between index scan and table scan?

07:30 What is the difference between using table_name and schema.table_name in a query?

11:11 cdump location is growing faster and filling up entire /data mount point. What to do?

#dailyDBA #dbaGenesis

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Murray  Beatty

Murray Beatty


Is Common Sense Common In NLP Models?

NLP Models have shown tremendous advancements in syntactic, semantic and linguistic knowledge for downstream tasks. However, that raises an interesting research question — is it possible for them to go beyond pattern recognition and apply common sense for word-sense disambiguation?

Thus, to identify if BERT, a large pre-trained NLP model developed by Google, can solve common sense tasks, researchers took a closer look. The researchers from Westlake University and Fudan University, in collaboration with Microsoft Research Asia, discovered how the model computes the structured, common sense knowledge for downstream NLP tasks.

According to the researchers, it has been a long-standing debate as to whether pre-trained language models can solve tasks leveraging only a few shallow clues and their common sense of knowledge. To figure that out, researchers used a CommonsenseQA dataset for BERT to solve multiple-choice problems.

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Jennifer Ellen


Common QuickBooks Issues - Resolve QuickBooks Online Login Problems

Login issues of QuickBooks Online is a commonly encountered problem by online users and the reasons could be numerous. If you are having QuickBooks online login problems, the issues can occur on your computer, the internet latency issues with a particular Internet Service Provider, or the browser that you normally sign in to QuickBooks Online. Here we discussed How to Resolve QuickBooks Online Login Problems with complete guidance from our QuickBooks expert’s person.

QuickBooks has marketed itself effectively for being user-friendly that covers all sizes of businesses. The software comes with two variants, Online and Desktop. The prime difference between the two is that the Online variant does not require installation on a computer, whereas the Desktop version. When it comes to product-based businesses that have inventory needs, they opt for QuickBooks Desktop. On the other hand, service-based business goes for QuickBooks Online. However, as impressive as the software is, it does come with some bugs and errors of its own. Fix Intuit QuickBooks Online Login Problems.

Causes the QuickBooks Online Login Problems

There are many reasons that can lead to the issue. Below is a list of some of those possibilities.

  1. The user didn’t properly sign out from the previous QBO session.

  2. Someone logged in QuickBooks Online from a different computer or location with the same sign-in credentials.

  3. Some firewalls or antivirus might be blocking access.

An error message Webpage cannot be found, Error 404:

File Not Found, OR QBO is currently unavailable, please try again later! must be considered a definite sign of the problems at your end and should be fixed by you if you are well-versed to identify the technical directions and perform or QuickBooks Online Support Team take on the issues and get them instantly resolved for you.

You can either choose to try few basic steps before you go and try the detailed ones and contact QuickBooks Support subsequently to check if there are service interruptions, maintenance, and outrages going on Intuit side. If there is planned downtime for the site maintenance, you normally see an alert on your QuickBooks Online Dashboard stating the date and time of upcoming maintenance. But users tend to ignore the messages.

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**What Exactly Is the QuickBooks Online Login Problem on Chrome?
There might be various reasons that can causes login issues in QuickBooks online. Sometimes, the errors associated with your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and others) or sometimes QuickBooks creates the problems by itself. To check the status of this error visit and see that the error you are facing is from your end or QuickBooks server goes down and other users reported the same error there.

Below are few instances when this error might occur while logging to QuickBooks via:

A message will be displayed on the screen which will say ‘Loading’ but it doesn’t load.
You will get a message which will inform you that the services that you need are ‘Not Available’
Once you sign in and want to select ‘My Company’ you will be diverted back to the sign-in screen.
QuickBooks not working with chrome
QuickBooks Online is not responding after you logged into the account

Fixing QuickBooks Login Problems in Chrome Browser

Solution 1: Chrome Browser in Incognito Window

The simple solution for QuickBooks Online Login Problems is to open the Incognito Mode window in your Google Chrome. The download history and browsing data are not recorded in Incognito Mode. Also, it does not save any new cookies permanently. For that follow the steps mentioned below.

First, in your Chrome browser, click the Customize and Control icon in the upper right corner.
Then, click on the New Incognito Window. You can also use Ctrl-Shift-N at the same time.
After that, you can see the icon in the upper right corner of the Incognito Mode in the new window.

Solution 2: Clear Cache and History

The Slow performance of Google Chrome when you open QuickBooks Software is occurred because of the old history or cache. To get rid of this-

First, in the upper right corner of Google Chrome, click the Customize and control icon, and select Settings.
Then, click the History tab and then select the Clear browsing data button.
Check the browser history by opening your system. When you select the clear browsing history, many boxes will show up on the screen. You can select the appropriate box and clear all (cookies and other sites and plug-in data, and cached data).

Solution 3: Use Any Other Web Browser

By using another or different browser, you can fix the QuickBooks Login problems. You might not be logged in by your regular browser sometimes. But you can log in through other browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox. To export your data back to QuickBooks Desktop, you can use IE.

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Solution 4: Additional Chrome User

For working with QuickBooks Online, you can create additional Chrome. This is a great solution for you as it decreases the working hours.

For creating an additional chrome follow the steps mentioned below-

Open the Chrome browser and click the Settings tab on the right.
Around the bottom of the page, you can see a User section.
Select the Add new user dialog box.
Choose an icon, type a name, leave the creating desktop shortcut, and click the Create button.
On the top right corner of your browser, the new user icon shows. Click on it if you need to change with each other.

Solution 5: Verify Your Security Settings

Check your security settings to make sure that the checked options are correct. Sometimes, it denies opening some of your files due to some advanced set of security. This situation includes QuickBooks which creates QuickBooks login problems. So, to verify this-

Go to the Internet Settings and click on the Tools option.
Then go to the Internet option.
Now, you will get the Advances tab.
You have to uncheck the option Do Not Save encrypted page to disc from the security section.
Click on the Ok button.
At last, select the File and then click Close.

Solution 6: Modify Your Privacy Settings

Providing low to medium privacy settings can effectively decrease the chance of QuickBooks login error. This is due to the high privacy setting leads to the blocking of sites or links as well.

The privacy settings must be set to either medium or low because high-level privacy settings can block any links or websites while opening them.
Make sure to provide permission for access and also permits cookies.
And lastly, close your web browser and reboot the system or computer to make settings effective.

If you are unable to Resolve QuickBooks Online Login Problem and you need technical help to resolve the issues then contact our expert’s team or visit our website. Our support team available 24*7 to help us.

Source URL: https://sites.google.com/view/commonquickbooksissues/blogs/resolve-quickbooks-online-login-problems

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