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10 Best Hair Salon Appointment Scheduling Software For Hairstylist

Business efficiency is determined by how well they utilize the technology and how perfect their business management system is. By involving all trending technologies users can make their business stand ahead of all market competitions.

Salon business has always received more customer attention as everyone is more cautious about their beauty and fitness. To streamline the salon business operation every salon owner relies on a customized hair salon appointment scheduler that will efficiently carry out all business tasks in an automated process.

Choosing the right hair salon software is the most challenging one as there are numerous salon booking software available in the market. In this article we will get to know the leading hair salon online booking software and its features in detail.

Best Hair Salon Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Businesses.

We have listed the top and leading hair salon software that has already dominated the salon market. Take your time in analyzing each salon booking software and find the one that will perfectly suit your business.

1.  ZielCommerce – User-Friendly Online Hair Salon Booking Software

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Zielcommerce is well-reputed, cloud-based hair salon software that has an intuitive interface with feature-rich UI & UX. This salon platform can meet the needs of all business sizes and it is perfectly customizable and scalable.

The SEO-friendly salon platform enhances the brand visibility and its in-built marketing features will take you easily to your target audience with less effort. With end-to-end protection, users can assure better data security to their clients.

Integration of multiple payment gateways will support users to offer better payment options and clients without hesitation will pay through the platform and will get their services.

Affordable pricing of this unique hair salon software will make it available even for a start-up. Users get perfect hands-on training given by the technical team and you can get 24/7 customer support.

Features of this Hair Salon Scheduling Software

  • Easy-to-navigate user interface supports non-technical user to handle the software effectively.
  • Automatic updation of appointments is done with the calendar that will simplify the work process of every salon owner.
  • This salon software has robust integration with Office 365, Google and also Outlook and makes it more user-friendly to access.
  • The salon platform is device compatible and can easily fit into any screen size and it attracts more mobile users to your salon shop.
  • Users can share their calendar in social media channels that will facilitate clients to book their appointments from their social media pages.
  • Automated notification alerts will be sent to salon owners and the client whenever a booking is confirmed. Also periodic reminders will be sent to both the parties about the appointment.

2.    Square Appointments – unique hair stylist online booking platform

Square appointments offers best hair salon scheduling solutions to your salon business as the platform is available round the clock and clients can book their appointments at their convenient timings.

This hair salon software is highly-functional and inherits all essential features that will make its users get satisfied. Revenue sources can be easily streamlined and users can also be benefited by increasing their customer base.

Easy monitoring will help users to find out the fault that occurs while delivering hair salon services to clients and can take necessary actions to rectify the error and provide better service. This will enhance the performance of your salon business in a better way.

The hair salon appointment booking software facilitates the booking process and gives hassle-free appointment management and ensures clients to fulfill their demands in a prominent way.

Features of this hair stylist online booking platform

  • The details of paid and unpaid appointments can be easily tracked  through this hair salon software and can plan the schedule accordingly.
  • The personalization option will help users to offer a flexible salon booking platform that can fit their business theme and layout.
  • Many familiar payment gateways like Paypal, stripe are integrated with this salon booking software that will help clients to pay online without worrying about security threats.
  • Automated booking confirmation is sent to salon owners and clients through emails and SMS options and also sends periodic reminders.
  • The Google Calendar sync plugin will sync the booking with a real-time calendar and make sure that there will not be any confusion at the time of booking.      

3.    SkedPal – best appointment book for hair stylist

Skedpal is a reliable hair stylist scheduling software book for small businesses. It offers a synchronized Google calendar that will simplify the booking process and sends notification regarding confirmation of the booking.

Skedpal is a great tool for service-based businesses as it can easily understand users’ requirements and can assure better profit through multiple revenue sources. The salon software contains multiple communication channels that will facilitate easy communication between clients and salon owners.

Users can have a ‘Book now’ button in their facebook, twitter and other social media channels and get their booking done through social platforms. This will help users to increase their customer base easily with less effort.

This hair salon software has a wide range of marketing tools that will support in promoting the brand with less expense. Greater brand visibility can be obtained with less manual work.

Features of this hair stylist scheduling software

  • Booking and cancelling an appointment is made easy with this salon booking software as both salon owners and clients will get notification instantly.
  • Users can allow clients to raise issues and tickets will be issued to clients that can be obtained through QR code.
  • The booking page is well-embedded in all social media pages that will increase the traffic to your hair salon software.
  • Users can design their pricing package by aligning services as per clients’ requirements and preferences.
  • Multiple payment sources are offered that will allow clients to pay through credit or debit cards, or other payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, etc.

 4.    InviteOnce – trustworthy hair salon appointment scheduler

Invite Once offers the best salon experience to users as the salon booking software provides personalized booking links that can be used to invite people to book their salon appointment. Once the booking is made their contact details will be stored in the CRM for future use.

The salon booking software is well-integrated with Google Calendar that will synchronize with real-time and will let users know the availability of the stylist with the real-time calendar. This reduces the confusion that occurs during the booking process.

Multiple features can be utilized when you select this hair salon software and you can get additional plugins and add-on to enhance the productivity of your salon business. You can get email marketing tools to promote your brand to your clients and you can reach your target audience easily.

Features of this hair salon appointment scheduler

  • The customizable booking page of this salon booking software will support users to build their own salon online shop by utilizing the available themes and layout.
  • The perfect content management system will attract more audience to your salon shop and will get you more business.
  • Clients and salon owners can book or reject the appointment and can reschedule the appointment and can be intimated about the confirmation through the salon software.
  • Users can embed their personalized calendar on their website and can get real-time synchronization that will help in the booking process.
  • Many more customer features are available that will support users in extending the functionality of the hair stylist online booking process in an efficient way.

 5.    UpKeep – significant hair salon software

Upkeep is a versatile appointment scheduler for hair salons software that will facilitate users to book appointments with the salon shop. Clients can select their favorite stylist and can have their preference of services.

Through analytics and reporting features users can easily identify clients’ service interest and for repeated clients they can provide more personalized services that will delight them and will make them visit their salon shop again and again.

This hair salon software perfectly matches with all business sizes and will deliver the best service that can satisfy all user groups. Salon owners can monitor all their staff’s performance and can give appraisals accordingly.

Features of this hair stylist online booking software

  • The salon booking software is well-compatible with any smart device and will attract all mobile users by providing better customer experience.
  • Clients will not miss their appointment as the salon software will send periodic reminders through text and emails.
  • Users can give access to multiple employees and they can be able to check the upcoming appointments and can plan their schedule accordingly.
  • Users can make use of social media platforms and can get their salon booking done through these platforms.
  • Easy integration of websites with all social media platforms are made possible with this salon software.
  • The payment processing is highly optimized that will increase the processing speed and give better user experience.
  • The robust customer support given by this salon software is widely appreciated by all users which can be clearly seen through all positive reviews.

6.    Timify – extraordinary hair stylist scheduling software

Timify is a perfect hair salon scheduling platform that provides solutions for booking appointments, scheduling those appointments, tracking staff performance, managing employees’ shifts and many more tasks in an automated way.

Effective communication channels that are available in this hair salon booking software allow users to interact with their clients and can get an easy understanding about what clients expect from their service. This will enhance the service quality and deliver the best to the client.

This salon booking software allows clients to register their feedback and can review and rate the salon service. The more positive feedback you get, the more the returns will be. All you need is to offer your best salon booking software service and get hold of your customers and stay active in the market.

Features of this hair salon software

  • Multiple salon shops can be easily managed under a single back-end platform and users can monitor all shops revenue and sales with a few clicks.
  • Dedicated mobile application is available that will run on both Android and iOS platforms. This will increase the mobile users to use your salon application.
  • Users can track staff working hours, absent days, and many more and this salon booking software will also act as a perfect HRM.
  • Automated shift reminders will be sent to clients regarding their appointment with the salon shop and will ensure that the client will never miss his appointment.
  • This hair salon software is a cloud-based application that will provide more security to user data and supports frequent back-ups.

 7.    SimplyBook.me - Best Hair salon scheduling software

Simplybookme is a robust salon booking platform that automates scheduling systems and will let users get appointments processed in a hassle-free manner. Managing messages, emails, contacts, etc. has never been a difficult task with this hair stylist scheduling software.

This hair salon software is more user-friendly with attractive UI & UX that can gain the attention of the audience and will get you better returns. Users can collect likes and dislikes of their clients and can provide more personalization while delivering salon services.

Users can easily integrate their existing third-party APIs with this salon booking software without much difficulty and can merge the salon booking platform and get work done in a simplified way. This will increase their business productivity and can have a merged business operation that will save more time.

Features of this hair stylist online booking platform

  • Get the seamless integration with facebook, twitter and other social media channels and gain more audience to your salon shop.
  • Link your multiple salon shops in multiple locations and monitor all salon shops under a single salon booking platform and optimize your timings.
  • Multiple payment gateways are integrated with this salon  booking software that will let clients pay and book their appointments with their favorite stylist.
  • With the help of mobile application users can book from wherever they are using their mobile device and can check the status of their booking easily.
  • This salon booking software supports more than 35 languages and supports multiple currencies and can be used globally.
  • The salon booking platform is perfectly scalable and can support unlimited users to access the hair salon booking platform.

 8.    Acuity Scheduling – well-organized hair salon software.

Acuity scheduling is a highly capable hair salon scheduling software tool that will support every salon owner to have an efficient hair salon online booking software process. Through charts and graphs users can check the hair salon appointment scheduler and can have a clear picture about the upcoming appointments and will help them to schedule accordingly.

This salon booking software also offers fully functioning POS that can take care of payment, invoices, discounts, offers, etc. Users can run email campaigns by utilizing this salonc booking software and can reach their target audience in a better way.

The easy-to-track hair salon software will support users to track their business performance, their staff’s efficiency and their clients’ interest and many more. This will help users to plan their strategy to meet their business goals.

Features of this hair stylist scheduling software

  • Booking buttons and appointment widgets can easily be integrated with your existing salon website and allows clients to enter your salon shops through several modes.
  • Personalized messages can be sent to users that will delight clients and will make them feel good about your salon shop.
  • This salon software can function under several hair salon scheduling software and it is more device compatible and can get you a more mobile audience.
  • Multiple services can be booked by a single user and can make a single payment for all services that are requested.
  • The hair salon platform is perfectly secured with advanced SSL certificates and users can feel more secured while sharing their data through this platform.

9.    HoneyBook – impressive hair salon software

Businesses of all sizes can completely trust this salon software as it has all distinctive features that will satisfy all user groups. Customized booking forms will simplify the booking process and users can easily get their booking done in a few clicks. Not much technical knowledge is needed to handle this hair stylist scheduling software.

This user-friendly salon booking platform is more device responsive and will support devices of all screen sizes to have the same user experience and gain a better reputation among its audience. All business operations are well-organized and it simplifies the work and increases productivity.

This hair salon scheduling software comes with different pricing. Users can select the pricing slab that will suit their budget and according to their package the feature varies. For advanced features one needs to go for a better package.

Features of this hair salon scheduling software

  • This hair salon appointment software possesses all global features like supporting multiple languages and multiple currencies and gets to connect with a global audience.
  • Easy payment process will support both client and the salon owner to track the payment and can check their payment history whenever needed.
  • The attractive UI & UX will provide better user experience and the design will be more device responsive and get you more traffic to your salon platform.
  • Let your existing third-party API be easily connected with this salon software and integrate your business operations effectively.
  • Clients are allowed to give their reviews and ratings and that can be shared in all social media channels. This will positively increase your customer base.

10.  HouseCall Pro – renowned hair salon appointment book software

Housecall pro is a professional hair salon appointment scheduler that provides scalable booking solutions to users. This platform improves efficiency and simultaneously enhances productivity and also connectivity. Multiple revenue sources ensure better returns to users.

Attractive client centric features like loyalty programs, affiliate modules, discounts and coupons, referral programs will gain the attention of clients and through word of mouth you can get more audience to your hair salon scheduling software.

The simplified booking process will let a non-technical person easily book his appointment without anyone’s help. Multiple payment gateways support better and secured payment transactions and increase the profit and returns.

Features of this best hair salon booking system

  • The user-friendly hair salon software system will facilitate users to book their appointment and get confirmation through text and emails.
  • This hair salon scheduling software not only focuses on appointment booking but also acts as a perfect HRM solution and gives complete control over salon staff.
  • Clients can easily get to know about the availability of their favorite stylist and can book their appointments by checking with Google calendar.
  • Upcoming appointments are properly intimated to clients and also to salon owners so that they can schedule the stylist.
  • Free trial version is available that will help users to first check with the hair salon online booking software and if comfortable can purchase it.
  • Each appointment can be customized through individual settings and can even set the location and time zone of the hair salon online booking software.
  • Existing payroll applications can be easily synced with this hair salon software and can get staff working hour details and performance from this software.


Right hair salon software solution can definitely do wonders to your business. So it is very important to give more attention while selecting hair salon software for your salon business. Always check for hair stylist scheduling software features as it is the key aspect that any customer will search for.

Make sure the platform is device compatible and also scalable that will help you to expand your business in future. Be sure of the customer support that the software team provides. Check for their reviews online before you finalize the hair salon booking platform.

Always check the demo or the trial version and get to know about each and every feature that is available in the hair salon software. Once you are convinced and satisfied then proceed with the buying process.

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Here are some of the top reasons why offshore development is beneficial for your business.

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Why Salon and Spa Businesses Needs Online Booking and Management Software

Salon and spa booking software for your business

Build your own on-demand salon and spa booking software for your business and provide your tremendous service globally all around the world. The ultimate aim of the salon booking software is to streamline the business by handling the client and employee’s scheduling, POS(Point of sale), inventory management, appointments, revenue sales, rewards or loyalty points, and many more.

The on-demand salon booking software can be personalized according to the business requirements. All the operations can be managed and maintained efficiently with the help of the single salon and spa booking software medium. The online salon and spa application is a good fit for both small and large-scale business professionals.

Why salon and spa booking software?

The on-demand online booking system is also termed as salon and spa management software or salon and spa appointment booking software. The salon and spa booking software is designed in a user-friendly manner with highly customized features and functionalities which enriches the productivity of the salon and spa app in a lucid manner.

In the old days, the salon and spa staff were completely occupied in assisting multiple clients and handling their services within a short span of time. Which in turn created a big mess to assist and monitor several clients at a time. That is where the on-demand online salon and spa booking software launched in the industry and created a trademark.

The online salon and spa application provides comprehensive solutions for all the problems, manages the bookings in an appropriate manner, and rescheduling the appointments seamlessly and it also accepts the incoming appointments of the new clients in order to improve the profitability and enhance more sales of the salon and spa application in an effective way.

Advantages of the on-demand salon and spa booking software?

The on-demand online salon and spa booking software saves more time and money for the end-users.  The salon and spa software is compatible with the web, mobile and iOS platforms. Some of the advantages of the on-demand salon and spa booking software is listed below:

  • Booking appointment with ease
  • Salon and spa staff management
  • Maintains a healthy relationship with the clients
  • Inventory management of the on-demand salon and spa software
  • Develop and grow the salon and spa revenue
  • Loyalty program for the customer such as coupons, deals, discounts, offers, etc
  • Instant notifications through SMS, email, in-app alerts
  • Multi payment mode options for your customers like Credit/Debit cards, UPI etc.,


In this blog article, we have discussed the on-demand online salon and spa booking software for your business and the advantages of the salon and spa booking software. Are you looking forward to getting started with your own online salon and spa booking software? here are some of the tips you must know about it. And also if you want build spa or salon booking and management software for your business.

Get in touch with us. https://www.technoduce.com/salon-booking-software

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