React Native Navigational Child Component Updates

React Native Navigational Child Component Updates

“To Err is Human, to Really screw things up requires a computer”

“To Err is Human, to Really screw things up requires a computer”

Oh, how true. While React seems conceptually simple, it deals with a state model that requires us to hold multiple state machines in our head. It is all too easy to put state in various places and really screw it up — and then you get to figure out why.

In creating a story app for my kids — I ran into an interesting issue.

It worked just fine through out a single story — but I wasn’t able to reset the story through the parent component.

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Looks great — but the last screen…. is the end of another book.

I have 3 components

  • Story Screen — this holds the list of stories in card form.
  • Locations Screen — this represents the ScrollView that handles the Location Container.
  • Location — the actual component that displays the choices, text, and other information for this particular location.

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