Add Animations to your Hugo Academic Site, Easily

Add Animations to your Hugo Academic Site, Easily

Add Animations to your Hugo Academic Site, Easily: Three simple steps to bring impressive animations to your Academic homepage, using blogdown and CSS.

The R package blogdown is an incredibly powerful tool—it allows R users with little to no familiarity in web development to build a fully functional, content-oriented, beautiful website using a language they're already familiar with. It's built on top of Hugo, the world's (self-proclaimed) 'fastest framework for building websites,' which comes with a variety of themes suitable for a variety of different uses.

Within the R community, perhaps one of the most popular themes is Hugo Academic. As the name implies, the theme is geared toward those working academia-more generally, it provides a great starter kit for those interested in showcasing blog posts, projects, and other media on a minimalist site.

Given its popularity, the Hugo Academic landing page is far-too-familiar. Although not unattractive, no one is particularly surprised or engaged by the standard Academic homepage.

One way to spice up Hugo Academic is to use animations on our home pages. In this post, I outline three simple steps and a few lines of code to create a fully functional, beautifully-animated landing page. By leveraging the flexibility of Hugo’s framework, and introducing a little bit of HTML and CSS, we can take our Hugo Academic home pages from zero to hero (at least, in terms of animation!).

This tutorial assumes you are starting a Hugo Academic site from scratch. If you already have a Hugo Academic website up and running, you should be able to [skip step 0_]( and modify the remaining steps slightly._

It also assumes that you have little to no knowledge about HTML and CSS (which is fine!). If that’s not the case, you can likely go ahead and skip to [step 3_](

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