Xamarin.Forms 5 Preview: Advanced UI Controls for Beautiful Apps

Xamarin.Forms 5 Preview: Advanced UI Controls for Beautiful Apps

Xamarin,Forms 5 Preview is now available. The pre-release brings you more interactive controls with CarouselView, Paths, Gradients, and more.

Xamarin.Forms 5 brings to stable release features that you have seen in preview over the latest several 4.x releases. This includes solid and gradient BrushesCarouselView, drag-and-drop, RadioButtonShapes, and SwipeView. These new features inject new creative potential for your application designs to create beautiful, interactive experiences.

Let’s look at those highlights, and then a quick checklist of what you should review as you get started with the Xamarin.Forms 5 pre-release.

Beautiful Design with Brushes, Shapes, and Paths

With brushes you can now easily paint gradients anywhere you need them. Shapes and paths allow you to draw all the rounded corners and even oddly shaped parts of your UI by using the platform graphics APIs which adds no size to your final applications. You can use geometries to clip any visual element, which makes it very easy to get the highly sought-after circle image.

Image of two apps with custom shapes and gradients

For more information, check out the brushes documentationshapes documentationblog for shapes and paths, and the blog introducing brushes.

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