A Pure Deno File Watcher

A Pure Deno File Watcher

Deprecated Use Deno.watchFs() instead!


Use Deno.watchFs() instead!


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A pure deno file watcher.


import watch from "https://deno.land/x/[email protected]/mod.ts";

for await (const changes of watch("src")) {
const end = watch("src").start(changes => {


Written in the source code.


test Benchmark
generated 10930 files.
took 183ms to traverse 11232 files
took 147ms to traverse 11542 files
took 142ms to traverse 11845 files
took 139ms to traverse 11891 files
took 136ms to traverse 11891 files
took 154ms to traverse 11891 files
took 138ms to traverse 11608 files
took 134ms to traverse 11274 files
took 145ms to traverse 10960 files
... ok

Try yourself:

deno https://deno.land/x/watch/test.ts --allow-write


  • Changes within 1s cannot be detected.
  • Symlink may not work on Windows.

Download Details:

Author: jinjor

Source Code: https://github.com/jinjor/deno-watch

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