DevOps Tutorial : Simple DevOps Project

DevOps Tutorial : Simple DevOps Project

In this video we will show you how to build a Simple DevOps Project for beginners

In this video we will show you how to build a Simple DevOps Project for beginners

Below are the Steps for creating Complete flow. Create the Docker File

Define te Image

FROM tomcat:8-jre8


MAINTAINER "abhishek"

Copy the war file into the tomcat webapps location

COPY WebApp.war /usr/local/tomcat/webapps

expose the 8080 port

EXPOSE 8080 Publish over SSH Download this Plugins and set Below Details . Key -- define the private Key ( you will get from .pem while when you will open as text file)

ssh Server -

Name - define the name of the server. HostName - Provide the IP address of your server. UserName - Provide the user name here ex. if we are using Ubuntu ec2 instance then username is ubuntu

BUILD - Package Post Build Action Define below details. sudo mv ./home/ubuntu/com/target/WebApp.war /home/ubuntu/com; // Copy the war file into the your Server Location cd /home/ubuntu/com; // Goto the Location where DockerFile is present. docker stop mycontainer; // Stop the Container if its running docker rm mycontainer; // Remove the container docker build -t myimage .; // Create the new Image using Docker file docker run -d --name mycontainer -p 8090:8080 myimage; // Create new Container using the custom Image.

Git URL -​

WebHook Connection URL - http://IPADDRESS/github-webhook/​ (push)


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