Next.js Crash Course 2021

Next.js Crash Course 2021

In this video we will look at the fundamentals of Next.js such as SSR & SSG, routing, data fetching, apis and more

In this video we will look at the fundamentals of Next.js such as SSR & SSG, routing, data fetching, apis and more


Next.js Website:


  • 0:00 - Intro & Slides
  • 6:52 - Getting Setup with create-next-app
  • 8:23 - Files & Folders
  • 11:37 - Pages & Routing
  • 13:14 - Head
  • 16:05 - Layouts & CSS Modules
  • 20:56 - Nav Component & Link
  • 23:34 - Create a Header
  • 25:05 - Styled JSX
  • 27:46 - Custom Document
  • 31:16 - Data Fetching
  • 32:02 - getStaticProps()
  • 33:58 - Showing Data
  • 40:15 - Nested Routing
  • 42:46 - getServerSideProps()
  • 46:00 - getStaticPaths()
  • 49:47 - Export a Static Website
  • 53:18 - API Routes
  • 59:24 - Using the API Data
  • 1:03:48 - Custom Meta Component

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