Best Coronavirus Projections, Predictions, Dashboards and Data Resources

Best Coronavirus Projections, Predictions, Dashboards and Data Resources

Check out this curated collection of coronavirus-related projections, dashboards, visualizations, and data that we have encountered on the internet.

There is no shortage of coronavirus resources on the internet at the moment. Like coverage of the pandemic on the news, it seems to be the only thing you came across online at times. Some of it is good; some, not so much. We have paid attention to what we have found to be the best of these resources that we have come across — in the way of projections, dashboards and visualizations, and data — and share them with you here. Perhaps after seeing how others are presenting their visualizations, predictions, and interactions, and then exploring the data yourself, you might gain some insight into the virus or, just as importantly, into the process of data investigation.

There aren't any mainstream media articles among this collection; its focus is on the presentation and visualization of data, as well as sharing the underlying data itself, where available.

Here are the best of what we have come across in terms of coronavirus resources.

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This pair of projections rely on modeled data to answer forward-thinking contextual questions, such as "is your state ready to reopen?," as opposed to explicitly making specific case or death predictions.

  • COVID-19 Projections for many countries, and US and all 50 states
  • This project comes from the experts at the University of Washington, and is described in an accompanying paper as "Forecasting the impact of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital demand and deaths for the USA and European Economic Area countries." Read more about the modeling in this FAQ.
  • This is a set of infection projections for 2,100+ counties across the USA, employing real-time modeling and metrics. The project looks to be aiming to answer the question "Is your community ready to reopen?"



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