Awesome Linux CLI Tools for Building Instant GUI Apps and Tools

Awesome Linux CLI Tools for Building Instant GUI Apps and Tools

Awesome Linux CLI Tools for Building Instant GUI Apps and Tools. These amazing CLI tools (xclip, xdg-open, zenity...) can be used with any programming language

Sometimes, we suddenly notice awesome application ideas that will help everyone during the day to day activities with computers. A few months back, I was fixing some compilation issues of a project which was written in C++. I had to search several error messages on Google to find solutions for some tricky compile errors. Thereafter, I thought to build a tool to make these kinds of searches easy. What I did was that I created a small program to listen to a specific key combination, whenever the key combination has happened, the particular program will open Google via Chrome browser with the query that was set according to what text was selected earlier.

This is where I needed a quick Google search (not the real situation), screenshot by the author

The key requirement for the specific program was to get the currently selected text. I was writing some Python code and noticed that there was no direct native API to do such a thing. Therefore, I used xclip which sets or gets data from/to the clipboard for extracting currently selected text. This tool will work with any application that is based on the X11 windowing system. Similarly, several things that are related to the GUI of the operating system have no simple and straightforward APIs. Therefore, we can achieve what we need to do easily with these types of command-line tools. Fortunately, some tools are coming along with almost all Linux distributions by allowing us to build programs that are easy to install and easy to use.

I used the following amazing Linux command-line tools with many projects and I thought to share with you. Importantly, these tools can be easily executed from any programming language, even via Bash files. But, I used Python for the demonstration.

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