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Announcing Real User Monitoring for mobile: Improve user experiences on any platform

During our open beta of Real User Monitoring (RUM) for mobile, we’ve received great feedback and suggestions that allowed us to refine and enhance Real User Monitoring for mobile. The insights you gain from RUM for mobile will cut down the time spent wondering what to improve and will take you straight to the real problems your end users face.

**See how to get started with Real User Monitoring for web or **Real User Monitoring for mobile.

What we’ve added since our RUM for mobile beta launch:

New automatic network logging for Android

Expanded iOS automatic network logging coverage

Added filtering for view and network information

Updated RUM for mobile dashboards

Automatic network performance logging for Android

Firstly, let’s look at Android. Raygun4Android will now automatically report the time it took to make a successful network request using and classes.

The duration of the network request will be tracked and reported in the performance tab of your application under network calls:

networklogging in Real User Monitoring for mobile applications

Expanded automatic network performance logging for iOS

We have expanded our coverage of automatic network logging to include NSURLSession methods that make use of NSURLSessionDelegate callbacks. The full list of methods that Raygun automatically logs on iOS is below:

[NSURLSession dataTaskWithURL:]
[NSURLSession dataTaskWithURL:completionHandler:]
[NSURLSession dataTaskWithRequest:]
[NSURLSession dataTaskWithRequest:completionHandler:]
[NSURLSession downloadTaskWithURL:]
[NSURLSession downloadTaskWithURL:completionHandler:]
[NSURLSession downloadTaskWithRequest:]
[NSURLSession downloadTaskWithRequest:completionHandler:]
[NSURLSession uploadTaskWithRequest:fromData:]
[NSURLSession uploadTaskWithRequest:fromData:completionHandler:]
[NSURLSession uploadTaskWithRequest:fromFile:]
[NSURLSession uploadTaskWithRequest:fromFile:completionHandler:]
[NSURLConnection sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler]
[NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:returningResponse:error:]

Filtering view and network information

We have also made updates to the mobile providers to allow a more customizable RUM experience. Not all information Real User Monitoring for mobile reports share the same importance, so we make it easy to filter out that information before it’s sent to us:

You can filter out the reporting of view information by view name. For iOS, this will be the name of the controller class and on Android, it is the activity’s name.


[[Raygun sharedReporter] ignoreViews:[[NSArray alloc]initWithObjects:@"RootViewController", nil]];


RaygunClient.ignoreViews(new String[]{ "MainActivity" });

If you don’t wish to log the performance of certain network requests, you can filter them out by URL.


[[Raygun sharedReporter] ignoreURLs:[[NSArray alloc]initWithObjects:@"", nil]];


RaygunClient.ignoreURLs(new String[]{ "" });

We also provide the option to disable network performance logging entirely when attaching RUM.


[[Raygun sharedReporter] attachPulseWithNetworkLogging:false];


boolean withNetworkLogging = false;
RaygunClient.attachPulse(this, withNetworkLogging);

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Announcing Real User Monitoring  for mobile: Improve user experiences on any platform

Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience!!

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Agency in the USA

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Agency in the USA

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Tamia Walter


Improve mobile user experience with Datadog Mobile Real User Monitoring

From gaming and social media to e-commerce and travel, mobile is reshaping the way businesses operate and engage with their customers. In an increasingly competitive market, ensuring your mobile applications stay highly performant and resilient will be critical in differentiating yourself from the crowd as well as avoiding uninstalls and poor app reviews. But with your applications running on devices at the edge, users might be facing long screen load times and application crashes for a whole range of reasons—from frontend bugs to network connectivity issues—that are hidden from your view.

To help mobile developers deliver a seamless user experience, we’re pleased to announce the release of Datadog Mobile Real User Monitoring. By connecting client-side and server-side metrics, traces, and logs, Mobile RUM gives you full visibility into the performance of your mobile applications. In this post, we’ll show you how you can use Mobile RUM to:

Improve the performance of your mobile application

Datadog Mobile RUM comes with out-of-the-box dashboards that display key performance metrics, errors, and resources, giving you real-time insights into the health of your mobile application in production. At a glance, you’ll see, for instance, how long your screens are taking to load, which screens are returning the most errors, and which resources are most requested. These dashboards allow you to proactively discover issues and areas for optimization so that you’re always delivering the best possible end-user experience. In addition, you can customize them to include metrics that are unique to your business (e.g., revenue, purchases, registrations) to give stakeholders across your organization a better understanding of how application performance impacts your business objectives.

If you see an anomalous spike in a metric—for instance, if your login screen is suddenly returning a large number of errors, or the image resource for your top-selling product is taking twice as long as usual to load—you can dive into individual user sessions to investigate. With the RUM Explorer, you can slice and dice your data across any dimension (e.g., geography, OS version, device) to better understand how specific customer segments are experiencing your application. You can also add custom attributes to your sessions (e.g., email address, organization ID, product SKU) that would be helpful for triaging issues or determining the priority of fixes.

Clicking on a view reveals a waterfall visualization of the time taken for the selected screen to fully load.

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