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Remote Design Sprints - Your Ultimate Guide! (In Miro)

Want to know how YOU can run Remote Design Sprints with your clients or teammates? This is our ultimate, step by step guide to running Design Sprints remotely!

In this video, our Product Design Director, Tim Höfer, takes you through, step by step, each exercise of our Remote Sprints, showcasing our digital whiteboard tool of choice, Miro, as well as the template we’ve built, and how we facilitate each remote sprint exercise!

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What tips or tricks can your share around Remote Design Sprints? How do you facilitate and manage your group in a remote setting?

Share your insights in the comments!

Key Points + Resources:
(00:00) Intro
(00:40) Our Digital Whiteboard Of Choice
(01:26) Client Onboarding
(04:24) The Structure & Exercises (Full Overview)
(09:35) Votive In Miro
(11:20) Recreating The Design Sprint Voting System (In Miro)
(15:00) End Of Workshop Day 1 - Client Homework (Lightning Demos)
(17:40) Concept Development (4-Part Sketching In Miro)
(19:53) Concept Voting (+ Decider Voting In Miro)
(21:03) The Storyboard ( + User Test Flows)
(28:03) User Testing (How We Record Data)
(30:20) Outro

Miro -
Zoom -

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Remote Design Sprints - Your Ultimate Step By Step Guide (2020)


Remote Design Sprints - Your Ultimate Guide! (In Miro)