Operating System Basics

Operating System Basics

In this article, we will be going through some of the basics of Operating Systems. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!


Operating systems are an essential part of IT support. Everyone uses a computer to accomplish something, whether that’s browsing the web, writing a novel, making graphics, playing video games, et cetera. Whatever the case may be, they need to interact with their operating system to do. In I.T. support, it’s essential to understand how operating systems work so you can help someone accomplish the task they set out to do so, whether that’s figuring out why an application won’t start, why the graphics look funny on their video games, or anything else. Things can get really messy and challenging and that’s part of the fun. So let’s begin.

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Remote Connection and SSH

Picture this, you’re on your way to an important meeting, You’ve been rehearsing for this presentation all week and now you’re ready to show the big wigs what you got. But wait, the presentation, where is it? It’s not on your laptop, where could it be? It turns out you forgot your only copy on your desktop at home. It’s too late now to turn around and get it, so you sit there fearing the inevitable. But wait a minute, suddenly, you remember that you will have a remote connection setup from your laptop to your desktop. You use this connection to log into your computer at home, and just as if you are sitting at home, you’re able to grab the file from your desktop and copy it to your laptop. You then proceed to give one amazing presentation. This is known as establishing a Remote Connection.

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SSH or Secure Shell is a protocol implemented by other programs to securely access one computer from another. To use SSH, you need to have an SSH client installed on the computer you’re connecting from, along with an SSH server on the computer you’re trying to connect to. Keep in mind that when we say SSH server, we don’t mean another physical machine that serves data. An SSH server is just software. On the remote machine, the SSH server is running as a background process. It constantly checks if a client is trying to connect to it, then will authenticate its requests. The most popular program to use SSH within Linux is the OpenSSH program and for a Windows machine, we use the popular Open Source program PuTTY.

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