An Account Kit Component for React

An Account Kit Component for React

An Account Kit Component for React ReactJS component for Facebook's Account kit

React Account Kit

An Account Kit Component for React


npm install react-facebook-account-kit

How to use

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import AccountKit from 'react-facebook-account-kit';

      appId="your-facebook-appId" // Update this!
      version="v1.0" // Version must be in form v{major}.{minor}
      onResponse={(resp) => console.log(resp)}
      csrf={'csrf token here!'} // Required for security
      countryCode={'default country code'} // eg. +60
      phoneNumber={'default phone number'} // eg. 12345678
      emailAddress={'default email address'} // eg. [email protected]
      {p => <button {...p}>Initialize Account Kit</button>}

Required Props

  • csrf CSRF token as a string (Required by account kit sdk)
  • appId Facebook's app id (string)
  • version Account kit SDK version (string),
  • children Function that will return a valid react component or null,
  • onResponse Function that will handle the response for possible responses check Account Kit Documentation

Optional Props

  • loginType default is PHONE
  • debug default is false
  • disabled default is false
  • display can be popupor modal. default value is popup
  • language default is en_US
  • countryCode default country code. default value is undefined
  • phoneNumber default phone number. default value is undefined
  • emailAddress default email address. default value is undefined. loginType must be set to "EMAIL" for this to work.
  • redirect redirect URL after email confirmation. default value is undefined. loginType must be set to "EMAIL" for this to work.


Dev Server

npm run start

Default dev server runs at localost:8080 in browser. You can set IP and PORT in

Production Bundle

npm run bundle

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