Instagram Introduces TikTok Rival 'Reels'

Instagram Introduces TikTok Rival 'Reels'

On the latest episode of Marketing O'Clock, as uncertainty about TikTok's future in the U.S. grows, Instagram launches its new video feature Reels.

This week, the team gets “Reels” about all the drama surrounding TikTok, from shutdown and acquisition rumors to Instagram’s version of the video app.

Plus, our “Outfluencers” (a.k.a., hosts) show you how not to make it big on social media and how not to pose for ecommerce product listings.

Instagram Reels Launches

This week, Instagram launched their new feature called “Reels” to directly compete with TikTok.

Reels videos can be up to 15 seconds in length and can feature audio and music from licensed music companies.

Users can use AR effects from Instagram’s gallery in their videos as well as use the timer function to record hands-free.

When you publish a Reels video, it gets added to a new Reels tab on your profile and will post to the main Instagram feed for your followers to find.

Reels can also be discovered in the Explore tab in the new Reels section. 

The launch of Reels couldn’t come at a better time for Instagram as security concerns around TikTok continue to grow.

The White House has threatened to ban the app in the United States as early as September 15, which marketers should consider when selecting social networks to focus their efforts and ad spend.

Microsoft Makes Their Move

Microsoft formally announced that they are considering purchasing TikTok from their parent company ByteDance.

If the deal goes through, Microsoft would own and operate TikTok in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zeland.

Microsoft said that, if they do acquire the app, it will be subject to a complete security review and changes would be made to address the concerns of the government.

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