The REACT-O Technical Interview Framework

The REACT-O Technical Interview Framework

Six Steps for Solving Whiteboarding Questions. Last night I attended a virtual meetup of software engineers who get together to practice data structures and algorithm problems.

Last night I attended a virtual meetup of software engineers who get together to practice data structures and algorithm problems. I was almost a total beginner at whiteboarding, so I was quite nervous going in.

However, I used a six-step framework to help me work through the problem, and have fun while doing it!

This article is for anyone who is getting started with technical interviews, or wants to learn more about whiteboarding.

Example: Comparing Binary Trees

Two distinct binary trees, both with a leaf value sequence of 6, 8, 5.

Tree 1 and Tree 2 have the same leaf value sequence: 6, 8, 5.

Consider all the leaves of a binary tree. From left to right order, the values of those leaves form a leaf value sequence.

Two binary trees are considered leaf-similar if their leaf value sequence is the same.

Return true if and only if the two given trees with head nodes root1 and root2 are leaf-similar.

Step 1- Reiterate

Verbalize your understanding of the problem — this is your chance to check your understanding of the question.

Make sure you agree on what you should be outputting. In this case, the goal is to write a function that takes in two tree roots and returns true if the both trees contain the same leaves (childless nodes) in the same order.

Ask what constraints you’re working with. For example, you might ask the interviewer what this function should return if the trees are empty, and they would might say to assume that you should assume that all trees will have at least one node.

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