Let’s Build a Svelte App

Let’s Build a Svelte App

From Zero to WebHero [3] — Detail Page. Let’s Build a Svelte App. We will use Svelte’s reactive statements to decide which slice of the comments list to show.

Today we are going to develop the Game Detail page, that will show how retrocompatible a game is and it will allow the users to share their experiences with the game.

Last week we developed the game list, both the backend and frontend, that will show all the games according to the user’s query. If you want to read it, I will be waiting for you.

For this week, we will develop the game detail page. This page will show the user’s votes and comments about a game’s retrocompatibility, and if the game is not locked, it will allow these users to share their experiences.

If you want to jump straight to the code, you can find it here.

Game Detail Page

To create the backend route we follow the same procedure as for the list: we create a file with the name of the route, in this case, [id].json.ts in /game . [id] will be substituted dynamically for the game’s id. .json is important because without it, Sapper would not be able to distinguish between the frontend /game/[id].svelte route and the backend /game/[id].ts route. With our ‘route’ set, we declare the GET function and test it.

export async function get(req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction) {
  const { id } = req.params;
  const game = await models.Game.findById(id);
  if (!game) {
    return res.status(404).send({
      message: 'Game Not Found!'
  return res.send(game);

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